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Lava Generator x64 and Lava Fabricators... would that work?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by rungok, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. rungok

    rungok Active Member

    That sounds cool but yeah, rotarycraft is not available
  2. LC14199

    LC14199 Active Member Wiki Staff

    Rotarycraft is too awesome for most servers, and so it causes lag on the server because it cannot handle the awesomeness xD
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  3. Bibble

    Bibble Well-Known Member

    There is always the route I went to power one of my agrarian skies worlds:
    1 x Ritual of the nether
    1 x Extra Cells AE system to gather and store it. Fluid transition panes as a "pump", though you need to trigger a block update, as the ritual doesn't do it, an Extra utilities clock will do 1 per second, but you can do something else if you want.
    1 x Well of suffering ritual powered by a witch spawner, into an altar full of orb and speed stones, and the highest tier orb you can get.
    And as many lava using energy producers as you can get.
  4. SynysterBear

    SynysterBear Well-Known Member

    Cobblestone gen, (many) ex nilio crucibles and a lava generator is what I use.
  5. abculatter_2

    abculatter_2 Well-Known Member

    Railcraft steam boilers seem so underused nowadays...
  6. netmc

    netmc Well-Known Member

    If you have tinkerers steel works, water, and a bit of redstone logic, one can produce a good amount of steam. I was producing about 2k rf/tick back in my agrarian skies world. I'm not sure what you would use for pipes in 1.7.10 as there are no TE pipes, as you need a way to cut the water flow with a red stone signal to make it all work well.
  7. Zarius

    Zarius Active Member

    So, I know it's retardedly basic... but if you have Ex Nihilo (sky-factory or Agrarian Skies - AS 2 for preference - or any of those systems), you could just use an Igneous Extruder, an array of the Ex Nihilo crucibles (NOT the Thaumcraft crucibles, the ones made from Porcelain Clay), and some form of piping. My last server had one Resonant level Extruder, the Pyroclastic Generation augment line, and the Space-Time Flux Unifier augment line (frankly, I have no idea if that one actually did anything, we never bothered monitoring it) attached to like 36 crucibles, connected to two x64 lava generators, and we had more than enough cobble left over to feed a series of Gravel, Sand, and Dust sifters (two each), and even a Clear Glass smeltery. MIND YOU, we were using Blazing Pyrotheum under the crucibles, since we didn't know of anything better to use. The generators also fed into a (resonant) battery for "general purpose" machinery, but that wasn't a huge deal because we didn't run that thing constantly.
  8. Zarius

    Zarius Active Member

    In AS2, I used Itemducts and Fluiducts for pretty much everything, and Strucducts to cover shit up. And you can set up Filters to take redstone input to shut off.
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  9. Inaeo

    Inaeo Forum Addict

    This is because they are a pain in my ass. MFR Steam Boilers are cheaper, heat up quicker, are more fuel efficient, and have smaller footprints. Why would I ever go back, given the choice.

    Since they put out 400mb/t of steam, it only takes five to power a max sized BR Turbine. That Turbine can feed power directly to a Lava Fabricator and a Fluid Transposer, which in combination, can fuel your Steam Boilers with Lava Buckets. Infinite power. Just add water.

    Then, your multidimensional travels can be powered with a single block footprint using either a Dimensional Transceiver or a Tesseract. The latter has limitless throughput, which is useful, but can quickly drain your grid if used incorrectly.
  10. Deegs202

    Deegs202 New Member

    You said that you had ender io in your pack so use lava fab going into fluid transposer which fills a bucket than runs into a stirling generator with the best capacitor you can make. Octadic capacitor makes 1mil rf from one bucket.

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