Problem Launcher won't update FTB Revelations to 3.4.0

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Jul 29, 2019
Hi all, With FTB Revelations 3.4 just releasing my server users have all updated the clients however it seems when downloading the new pack it hasn't actually updated anything at all. its version is 3.4.0 in the launcher but all the files still showing the 3.3.0 versions. With the server updated to 3.4.0 we now have to downgrade due to it being inaccessible this is being reproduced across all of our users who have tested and no one's clients have seemed to of updated.


New Member
Dec 1, 2020
I have the same issue.

Since it didn't look like it was updating the mods folder, I moved the contents of the folder and re-ran the upgrade. The upgrade copied in new files but the version numbers for those files were all from Revelation 3.3.0.


New Member
Dec 2, 2020
Hi :) The server I play on was updated apparently as it now says I do not have the right version, I see 25 people playing on the Rev server. I cannot find the 3.4.0 anywhere! I would at least like to try and update to see if I can return and play. Any help is appreciated Thank you :)