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Launcher not downloading mod packs...

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by nursemmalee, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. nursemmalee

    nursemmalee New Member


    I realize this has the same title as everything else here, but I've not seen a log like mine so far. I was having trouble connecting to my new DW20 1.6.4 map today, initially starting with out of memory errors which I've sadly had to deal with quite often. Things kept spiraling from there with many different kinds of problems, eventually leading me to completely uninstall and redownload the launcher and all the packs I had before. Now it won't make it past this point when trying to launch the pack.

    Line 126 seems most concerning.

    I have tried changing the download location.
    I uninstalled and updated Java. Currently using V7.45
    Operating System, bit type: Windows XP, 32bit
    Launcher version: 1.3.2
    Completed the troubleshooting guide (y/n): yep

    If you say its because the 1.6.4 packs won't work because I'm using 32bit, I won't believe you because I've been playing Magic Farm2 and Magic World2 with no problems since they've been out until my bright idea to delete everything today.
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  2. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Your log is no longer valid.

    FTB Lite 2 is the only mod pack that was made for 32 bit use. That doesn't mean you won't get the others to work. They just won't work well, and they will lag more.
    However, if you encounter any memory related issues in those other packs: we told you so.
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