Lag spikes


New Member
Dec 1, 2020
Nothing to do with FTB, I heard you guys were really smart and know how to solve these things. I'm running 26 mods, no optifine, no shaders, no resource pack, graphics are on fancy but I've tried w/o and it didn't help, smooth lighting is to a minimum and I have tried it off, clouds are off, particles are minimal as well. My ram is 16gb and it's a MSI gaming laptop, I'm running nothing in the background. My minecraft run with the mods makes the laptop lag spike every 20 seconds (in counting) I will list whatever you guys say I need to but it's conflicting how a hp laptop could run over 100 mods and my gaming laptop can run barely over 15 mods. When it's running it takes up about 40% of memory and clicking "free up memory" in dragon center doesn't help and the CPU is under 20 while it's running. Please help.