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Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by iRIDEsisters, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. iRIDEsisters

    iRIDEsisters New Member

    Just wondering if anyone else is getting really really severe block lag when other players are out generating new chunks. I can have 10-15 people on the server with absolutely no lag whatsoever, but the second anyone starts generating new terrain, even if there is only 1 or 2 other players on.

    I know that Minecraft's chunk generation isn't the best, but we've tried running a vanilla server, and had 5 people out flying full speed in creative generating as much new terrain as possible, and the lag is almost nothing compared to this.

    When it happens, everyone who isn't worldgenning gets serious rubber-banding (when you hop back to previous spots) and 2-3 second block break lag. I've tried disabling ExtraBiomes, as I was told by a few people that it was the issue, but it didn't cause any noticeable improvement.

    For anyone interested, the server is a hosted on a VPS, and is the only thing running on it. The box's stats are as follows:

    - Intel Xeon CPU (8 cores @ 3.30GHz)
    - 32gigs RAM
    - Net speed (260mbps down, 340mbps up)
    - The server is running off a 120gig SSD

    I've also been told by a few people that Thaumcraft is the source of the lag, but I'd really like to avoid disabling that, as most of my players (including myself) absolutely love that mod.

    Any tips or recommendations to try to figure out what is causing this would be greatly appreciated. I'll try and answer any additional questions people have about the system specs of the VPS.

    - Thanks
  2. illuzian

    illuzian New Member

    Do you have any idea what your VPS guarantees you from those specs? If the VPS is overselling you simply might not be getting enough resources to support your server.
  3. dariusc93

    dariusc93 New Member

    Lag will happen during world generation because minecraft have to place new ores into the game. What you want to do is have everyone stand at the spawn point for about 5 to 10min. Then have 4 players go in each direction flying and generating the world slowly up to at least 5k to 10k. In the process, check with your host to see if the resources that you paid for are truly available to you because some host would say you will get this, but you may get something less than said. Use optifine to help with generation of chunks by using Far distance.
  4. iRIDEsisters

    iRIDEsisters New Member

    I'll try those suggestions darius, thanks. I'll get a hold of the hosting company and ask see whats what.
  5. brandon706

    brandon706 New Member

    Those specs you posted are the Servers specs that all the VPS's run on. That 32 gigs of ram are split between a bunch of Virtual Servers.
  6. iRIDEsisters

    iRIDEsisters New Member

    No, its an unshared box. I ended up just pre-generating the world with WorldBorder. Seems to have spanked the majority of the lag.
  7. Absolutist

    Absolutist New Member

    not trying to necro this thread, but how did you manage to get worldborder to work? I assume using bukkitforge, but I can't generate terrain using it on my server.
  8. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    Try MCPC+, then download WorldBorder. Make a border, then run the fill command.
  9. Absolutist

    Absolutist New Member

    hmm okay.
  10. Absolutist

    Absolutist New Member

    So far so good, thanks DZ :D having a problem with Dynmap though, think i'll have to switch to the plugin version

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