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  1. EricBuist

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    Summary of the problem Lag during wither fight

    Pack Version 3.0.15

    What is the bug? When I am fighting the Wither, the mob just freezes and does not react to any hit with the sword, then it unfreezes and fires a wither ball that gives the poison effect. This repeats and repeats until I die. The Wither effect takes almost 30 seconds to wash away, making this fight very frustrating and time consuming, and there is no item in the pack to resist against the effect except the brew of absolution which is too hard to craft, requiring all sorts of ingredients I can't remember. TheJ JEI recipe is too long to find out, requiring me to skim through all the potions. The Wither fight should work or at least the modpack should not require any Nether star to go through. The only mod requiring Nether stars is Draconic Evolution which I'm willing to skip as the fusion crafting is too repetitive and time consuming, but the RFTools dimension builder was modified to require Awakened draconinium, which is why I'm now blocked by Nether star.

    Mod & Version Draconic Evolution
    RFTools Dimensions
    Probably the modtweaker allowing to alter recipes

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Spawn a Wither boss inside a cage of Reinforced glass

    Known Fix After a lot of tries, it ends up working, but this is very painful. The only workaround is to automate killing of the Wither, but the only block I know of that allows this is the Mob Grinder, which itself requires Awakened Draconium. Having a crafting recipe for Nether stars would greatly help.
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    I fired up a world, built a cage of Reinforced glass and spawned a wither.

    Killed 2 withers - 1 time with a Supremium sword and 1 time with a stone sword to drag out the time of the fight.

    I have no lag at all - are you sure this is a bug and not some other issue at your end?
    (as this perhaps should be a support ticket instead of a bug report)

    Can you provide a log file as well - preferable "start world, fight wither, kill wither, post log"

    You'll find instructions here on how to get the log:
  3. EricBuist

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    Thanks. If it works in a test world, that probably means there is something else causing the issue, e.g., Windows 10 running all sorts of background task killing game's performance. Logs are pretty much useless; they just repeat the same information. I tried many times to find something out of this and this is to no avail. The only workaround for me is, I guess, kill as few Withers manually as I need, until I get the Mob Grinder tu automate it.
  4. grandrolf

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    Logs are always useful - even if you might not spot stuff, others might.

    There's no such issues with Windows 10 in general - if you suspect that you're having issues with your machine you should check out running processes (task manager / resource monitor and/or PowerShell) and perhaps check event viewer logs.

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