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Lack of redstone wiring in Unleashed

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Flyin_spaghetti, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Flyin_spaghetti

    Flyin_spaghetti New Member

    I find the wiring options that Unleashed provides quite lacking. I see that redpower needed to go away as it wasn't updated but why remove wireless redstone of chickenbones? Lack of a wiring method makes many other stuff quite hard to use. Is there another method in there that I failed to notice?
  2. iconmaster

    iconmaster Active Member

    MineFactory Reloaded provides RedNet Cabling. It acts a bit like RP2 Bundled Cable, and is very useful and versatile.
  3. Flyin_spaghetti

    Flyin_spaghetti New Member

    oh I thought those were new computercraft parts for wired modems. I suppose that would do the trick. I still miss wireless redstone though.
  4. Pokefenn

    Pokefenn Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Its out for 1.6.2.

    Be patient, we will have it eventually ^^
  5. iconmaster

    iconmaster Active Member

    Actually, WRCBE is out for 1.5.x as well, if you look at ChickenBones's download page. ForgeMultiPart, however, is a much more elusive requirement mod.
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  6. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    I think its funny how everyone else stresses about Dartcraft and EU being OP, but I still get really irritable about how OP wireless Redstone is for automation builds. My gut reaction is to totally dismiss any build that uses it.
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  7. Flyin_spaghetti

    Flyin_spaghetti New Member

    hmm just noticed that I cannot transfer current from redstone to rednet cables. they are standing right next to each other yet nothing happens. is this normal?

    also they do not take power from a lever unless they are directly attached to it. aargh I want my old cables.

    also, wireless redstone can be replaced by computercraft wireless turtles, they have a nice limited range and they also take up a single block. I suppose they are less OP than WR.
  8. abculatter_2

    abculatter_2 Well-Known Member

  9. mushroom taco

    mushroom taco Well-Known Member

    I use immibis' redlogic as an rp2 red alloy wire replacement. However, when I build my 1.6.2 pack I'm probably going to switch to project red (ALLOY FURNACES FTW)
  10. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S Active Member

    If you miss wireless redstone use signal controller and receiver boxes. You can use them to transfer redstone signal wirelessly not just to control trains.

    Edit: I don't know what the range is, but at 260 blocks it is working without issues.
  11. Zelfana

    Zelfana Well-Known Member

    You could also do something creative like putting items in Ender Chests and a comparator to change state according to that. Unlimited range, too! Works across dimensions to boot.
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  12. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    I can see you point of view but really wireless red-stone makes many things possible that would be fairly huge and confusing without it.

    It is not like remote red stone is not possable without it. An enderchest set next to a BC gate to send a redstone signal when there is something in it does the same function with 2 blocks instead one 1.

    At your thingy
    THINGY HERE - Gate - EnderChest

    Over at your remote site which unlike wireless restone can be 40 million chucks away as long as both are loaded.

    You toss one item in the chest and it is on take it out and it is off.

    And you can do this with an enderbag too.

    So again how is Wireless restone OP?
  13. RandomMoped

    RandomMoped Popular Member

    I feel the same way about tesseracts, however I think wireless redstone would be ok if it was somewhat more expensive
  14. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S Active Member

    For me and my play style ender chests are OP (so I don't have them installed, not that they should be removed from packs). However I use signal boxes as wireless redstone, because all other solutions are either clumsy, or would require unnecessary chunks to be loaded. For example on my HS manual railway I have main switch board where I could go to all different places and I need to control switches reliably. There is no other clean solution which would make push button, travel by cart to a selected location without other manual input, possible.
  15. Redweevil

    Redweevil Well-Known Member

    I'm actually really enjoying just using vanilla wiring. It's really interesting working within the constraints. But couldn't you use pipe wire an gates? I believe they can accept input from blocks like RP wiring
  16. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    I really enjoy vanilla redstone post 1.5.0. Once upon a time it was crazy laborious because you had to use torches to propagate vertical signals (and it introduced huge delays). Now we see insane hipster machines and totally vanilla sorting systems with ha higher throughput than most RP2 systems, and better overflow control.
  17. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    I do not disagree that wireless simplifies builds. For using it for true wireless stuff I am not that upset (e.g., portal frame trigger). But, what a lot of people use it for is just to not run wires, or to avoid using one of the variety of vanilla wire bridging strategies. I know it's not rational and not even consistent, but I think the constraints and capabilities of redstone in 1.5 are beautiful and I watch people like Mumbo Jumbo make them sing with a mixture of jealousy and awe.

    Yes, but that is not vanilla at all. Default Ender chests don't work with comparators. There are actually other tricks as well, including using gates on tesseracts and exploiting the buffering, or chaining block updates via BUDs.

    It's arguable that item teleportation is itself OP in the original minecraft as conceived, but it ends up being necessary because the simulation really isn't amenable to minecarts.

    I actually think maybe it's not OP, just artless and graceless. A brute force solution when an elegant one exists. And it has its place, but its place is all-too-often "how can I avoid knowing about how redstone actually works and just treat it like a dumb binary signal." It rubs me the wrong way.

    And actually, here's the weird part... in terms of what's possible in 1.5, in many cases existing systems are a bit underpowered compared to what Vanilla 1.5 is actually capable of.
  18. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    If you want to get Vanilla you can use a toggle piston system connected to a hopper/compartor with a endchest on top. Past an item through to toggle it on and off.

    The point is you CAN do this in vanilla just takes more blocks. If you want to claim wireless redstone is some how OP and dumbing down builds this same logic can be applied to any sort of automation.

    You can argue the new drawbridge dumbs down redstone builds because it is one block that would take multiple to do vanilla. You can even argue that the Extruder is OP because vanilla cobble gen takes more then one block.

    I honestly do not see wireless redstone as any sort of brute force method. No more brute force then using MFR cable to run redstone signal vertically.
  19. immibis

    immibis Forum Addict Mod Developer

    Vanilla ender chests are tied to the player who opens them. Different players can have different ender chest inventories, even for the same ender chest. So they're not automatable in any way.
    That means hoppers don't work with ender chests. Comparators don't work with ender chests. Droppers don't work with ender chests. Hopper minecarts don't work with ender chests.
  20. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    I sorry about that I was thinking of the Mod Ender chest when I wrote that. It is true the vanilla end chest would not work.

    But still I do not see wireless as be all that game breaking and don't see it as some how dumbing down the game.

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