Whitelist Server KumaCraft | DW20(v5.1.1) | Mature (18+) | Whitelist | TS3 | NO LAG! | BUKKIT

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Jul 29, 2019
Server Information:
Server IP: dw20.kumacraft.com​
Server Website: kumacraft.com​
TeamSpeak3: tantrex.org​
20 Slot Server (Increased as needed)​
KumaCraft is a minecraft server that specializes in mods. We dedicate our time to our players to ensure a great user experience. Our server is constantly running 24/7 and is always monitored. We encourage a high level of maturity when playing to make sure everyone can enjoy the game. At this current time KumaCraft runs a Direwolf (FTB) mod pack. We allow only people 18+ onto the server and require you do a teamspeak interview before whitelisting. You are always free to join our teamspeak server @ tantrex.org but you will still be required to fill an application out.​

No BS - This is a mature server​
18+ - Self explanatory​
Must use teamspeak 3 - We are a community server​
Must be able to interact with the others on a civil level​
No discrimination - this is in polite and not aloud.​
How to Whitelist:
If you want to whitelist on this server then you need to get on TeamSpeak, and fill out an application here:​
This will be reviewed in making the final decision on your interview.​
Server Hardware
Intel Xeon E3-1220 (4 Cores @ 3.1GHz/3.4GHz Turbo Boost)​
24GB Dedicated RAM​
2TB Raid HD Setup​


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Jul 29, 2019
Do you have dynmap or mcmap or an offline map render? The reason I ask is that it is helpful to have a map to see where others have set up so you can give yourself enough space away from people to do what you want (no screwed up nether portals, for instance), but still know where people are. Also it makes FINDING a spot for a new home easier than just blindly blundering through the wilderness hoping you're far enough away from others but still close enough to interact.