Just Another Spawner help?


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I'm trying to set up a modpack for myself (I might release it as well, if there's interest in it) and would like to use Just Another Spawner to modify hostile mob spawning mechanics. However, after combing through the wiki, I personally found it not very helpful. I was wondering if there was anyone here who might be willing help? (or, even better, do it for me. :p)

Specifically, I'd like to make the following conditions:

- Zombies, skeletons, and creepers spawn at any time in locations that cannot see the sky (or, more ideally, any place that have a sunlight level of 0)

- Zombies and skeletons have an exception to the above during a new moon, which allows them to spawn anywhere that's dark

- Slimes spawn near (within 8 blocks) water if the spawn location cannot see the sky

If I see examples of the above, I'd probably be able to do the rest on my own.

- Endermen only spawn during a full moon, during which time they spawn as normal

- Magma cubes spawn near lava on top of natural stone

- Wither skeletons replace zombie spawns under y level 60

- Blazes spawn near lava during a full moon, or under y level 60

- Spiders share spawn conditions with creepers, but are VERY rare. When they spawn, they have a chance of producing a cobweb, and they will spawn much more commonly within a block of a cobweb

I'm not sure how to go about doing all this? I also tried looking through the TerraFirmaPunk JAS config folders, though I can't make heads or tails of it...