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    I was waiting on expert mode as well and was kind of disheartened at the change. The thing is no one knows what 1.13 will be, just like they didn't know what 1.12 would be, other wise they would never have started on expert mode back in April. So to say something like 1.12 is a good stopping point is kind of pointless because if Mojang comes up with something just as good or better I can already hear, of 1.13 has this great new feature that going to totally be awesome forget what we said about 1.12 or 1.11.2 or 1.10.2. My point is why scrap 3 months of work? if I were to do that in a company and say hey this new software came out so we are going to scrap this, I am sure this new software is going to get us where we need to be, don't worry about fact we are flushing 3 months of development. My personal opinion is finish what you started, give Lex and CPW time to stabilize 1.12 in Forge before beginning development on the next generation. If 1.13 has something even better then 1.12 what then??? More nostalgia map rewrites while you drop back and punt again? To not finish what you started is a waste of time and resources unless you never intended to finish it anyways. Just my .02, it might not be the "Wow Gee thanks for all the great work on free stuff FTB, but it is what I feel like now. How many mod devs and mod pack devs are going to get burnt out trying to keep up and say screw it and move on?

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    Hi, we are certainly in the same boat as both of us are disappointed that the Expert pack won´t make it in time. But I think that their decision isn´t wrong.

    Of course you won´t know what 1.13 will bring but I guess there is always a certain level of risk that you have to take.

    You are taking the example of scraping 3 month of work if it would be a company. Even if it does not feel like it, FTB is a company. They have people working full time on this and you can be sure that there is someone locking on what they spend their time on.
    But from our position I don't think that we can know if they really scrap 3 month of work.
    A lot of work time has been used on concepts and brainstorming’s I guess, those should serve also for a newer version even if you have to rethink. So it’s not totally wasted. And I'm sure that there are other synergies inside the Projects that you can build up on.

    You would wonder how many times in a company this decision have to be done. I could possibly count more than 5 just in the company I'm working atm for only 3 years.

    Also FTB is not being paid by us to use their Modpacks so all they have to satisfy their customers is image and quality releases. I'm sure that such a decision is not taking lightly and they will have very good reasons to do it that way.

    This does not make it a decision without risks and by relaying on 3rd Parties as the Mod makers for them to release a Mod Pack is already a big problem but inevitable in this genre. See thaumcraft... who had to stop developing cause of personal reasons.. and so many packs were holdback at the end of last year hoping for a release. So lets hope the best.
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    For those worried about 1.13. It is supposed technical and bug fixes. As well as the customize craft recipes and block I'd update. They already announced graphics update so that will most likely be added in. It is looking like 1.13 is going to be allot hard we to update to. Also the comment about Advancments. It is more of a guide for players to follow. I haven't check the amount it gives in game but I don't know it gives detailed accounts of where recipes come from or unlock from but could help in the long run if you get stuck on something. You will also get rewards from certain Advancments. I know xp for one but again I haven't looked at it that close. There is also a new Tutorial thing at the start that will help new players that might get used by mods.
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    It's good to see things moving to 1.12 :)
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    The new colors look supper awesome and the concert looks so great in buildings.
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    Any update on the new Pyramid map?
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    I get loyalty but why in the heck would anyone buy a server from Creeperhost? They are friggin expensive! $40 for a 6gb server when I know of another place to get a 6gb server for $15/month and have never had any problems in almost 2 years.
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