Open Journeymap stuck on topography mode



Summary of the problem Journeymap stuck on topography mode

Pack Version 1.4.1

What is the bug? When I open the fullscreen map, it is in topography mode which doesn't help me too much. I click the topography button on the bar at the top, but it doesn't do anything. When I close and re-open the map, the button is enabled even if I disabled it/clicked it the last time I had the map open. I've also gone into the JourneyMap settings and disabled the topography checkbox (which stays disabled) however doesn't change the map state.

Mod & Version JourneyMap v5.4.6

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? N/A

Known Fix


I had the same problem and solved it this way:
  • I made a backup of my journeymap folder (the one containing the data/sp/Your-World/ folders)
  • Deleted the journamap folder
  • Downloaded the newest journalmap.jar (which was the same version I already had) and copied that into my mods folder (overwrite) - Not sure if this was really necessary
  • Started minecraft again and loaded the map
  • Saved and quit to tile
  • Copied all files from backup data/sp/Your-World/ folders in the new journaymap folder
  • Got everything back to normal