Open Java Fatal Error After Ordering AE2 Autocrafting Item

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  1. Auride

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    Summary of the problem Java Fatal Error After Ordering AE2 Autocrafting Item

    Pack Version 2.5.4

    What is the bug? I have an ME System with an autocrafting setup. I have several recipes, including one crafting crecipes for making Wither Skeleton Heads out of Magical Crops Wither Skeleton Essence. If I attempt to order more than 30 (approximately) items at a time, the client crashes without a crash log. Instead, the game output tab gives the following output (or similar):

    If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see a fatal error message from the Java Runtime Environment. It mentions the location of a .log file containing additional information. That .log file can be found here:

    I've tried this several times, and regardless of which interface I place the pattern in, it seems to crash each time. That said, I haven't tested it enough to check every other pattern, new patterns, different CPUs, etc. The only thing I can mention from testing is that small numbers of Wither Skeleton Skulls(<10) don't seem to cause this crash. Also, I have only experienced this crash with the Wither Skeleton Skull pattern.

    Mod & Version AE2

    Link to log file Above

    Is it repeatable? Yes

    Known Fix
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    Check the link below. I would also backup your world and delete the launcher and install it in another location e.g c:\ftb. I assume you are using the FTB launcher.
  3. Auride

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    I am using the Curse Launcher. Also, the link suggests it is related to Intel Graphics drivers. Does this still apply if I am using a dedicated GPU (nVidia mobile)?
  4. UniZero

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    Not according to the log your not. The file it refers to is to do with an intel gpu. Have you set up java to use the nvidia card because it doesn't usually by default.

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