Open Items and blocks peculiar behavior before and after reload of world save.


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Dec 2, 2012
I've been playing this pack for the past few days, I've noticed some blocks and not behaving as expected:

1. Actually Additions flax seeds were not planting on silty farmland from Biomes'o'Plenty. Before I reloaded the world save at this time, the seeds would not plant on silty farmland from Biomes'o'Plenty and disappeared from the stack count in my main hand. After the reload, the missing seeds appeared in the toolbar slot they'd been in. They then behaved as expected, planting on silty farmland.

2. I broke an Actually Additions Small Crate with a Bronze Axe. Did not get the item it should have dropped back before or after reloading the save. Cheated missing crate in from Creative mode by using JEI change game mode icon.

The only mod I've added to the pack is Direwolf20's Building Gadgets mod, version 2.7.4 from the Curseforge website.

I haven't even started creating anything from Direwolf20's mod nor have I yet used it, so I don't see how it would cause the above issues.

Allocated RAM is plenty for a pack like this, so I'm at a loss as to what might be the cause of these issues. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

The pack versions is 3.2.0 which is the current Recommended version of the modpack, listed on the FTB launcher.

Cheers ...