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Item ID's for use.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by OmagaIII, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. OmagaIII

    OmagaIII New Member

    Hey guys.

    Need some help, as I am so annoyed by now I don't know where to go anymore. I need to find the Item ID subsets for the FTB DW20 pack.

    I am looking for ALL the subset ID's for ores. I am working on a mod or 2 yet can't find a single subset id for ores and this is really annoying me right about now. and NEI dump also does NOT show subsets in the dumps.

    For example, I am looking for Tin Ore. Nowhere can I find the ID's nor the Names for the ore. I know there are 2 Tin ores in the DW20 pack, but I can't find the subsets.

    Where are these values stored? It really makes it hard to add to the game if I can't even find the basic stuff :(

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. FelixJ20000

    FelixJ20000 New Member

    Look in the mods folder in the .zips
  3. OmagaIII

    OmagaIII New Member

    Basically you want me to go through all the class files to get the most basic of info??? Uh...
  4. FelixJ20000

    FelixJ20000 New Member

    Yeah[DOUBLEPOST=1357054493][/DOUBLEPOST]Or irc the devs
  5. thatsIch

    thatsIch New Member

    those values are stored in their configs in the configs-folder. They are mostly stored in a table called "blocks" or "ores". Though I don't understand what you mean with "Item Subsets". Do you mean out of which mod a certain ore is generated?
  6. Rlvassallo

    Rlvassallo New Member

    Omagalll is referring to a sub ID such as copper ore having an ID of 2001, yet tin ore having and ID 2001:1. I have yet to find a solution to be able to call these correctly as even using some of the block ID's are found as valid numbers.

    You are able to do this with Bukkit but only when using Essentials, using FTB and forge however does not replicate this functionality ... that i know of/found.
  7. Darlock Ahe

    Darlock Ahe New Member

    I'm not a modder by any definition, just picked up some stuff reading wikis, so I can be 1000% wrong :D If following is completely false, just disregard it.
    Can't you just call items through forge dictionary without IDs?
    Looking at how IDs are not exactly set in stone for forge, it would look like using direct IDs in code can only lead to errors.
  8. OmagaIII

    OmagaIII New Member

    Exactly. I figured that out now as well. And I haven't found a work around either. Very annoying...

    @Darlock. I don't know, everything must have an ID to able to call them up as far as I know. Which means forge should also have ID's, but I don't know how to access them... If you mod for something like FTB the configuration of ID's are controlled better, so the chances of having ID's change is much lower, still likely, but much less often.
  9. MindTooth

    MindTooth Active Member

  10. Rikki21

    Rikki21 New Member

    1. IC2 - tinOreBlock id=246
    2. Forestry - tinOreBlock id=249:2
    3. TE - tinOreBlock id=2001:1
    4. RP2 - tinOreBlock id=213:4
    NEI shows the item subsets. I don't know of anyway to get it in a list format, so you'd have to go hunting for them yourself.

    I've got a most of the oreblocks in my InvTweaksTree with the subset (aka damage value). Some are split up, but if you search "oreblock" you should find most of them. It's not exactly what you want, of course but other than going through NEI yourself... Unless what MindTooth says about the IDResolver is true.
  11. Rlvassallo

    Rlvassallo New Member

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