Is this a bug with extra biomes? (End portal related)

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Jul 29, 2019
So I did a lot of research about Extra biomes and end portals, and nothing conclusive came up. My world was generated fresh with FTB Ultimate coming out.

I used AMIDST to find the strongholds, because Eyes of Ender were lying. (They still do even after I've found the actual strongholds)

One location on the map via Amidst was a dungeon spawner, I even went nuts with tnt in the area in creative mode just to clear it (since end portal frame blocks can't be blown up) and nothing at all. The eye of ender floats lovely like in the middle of a crater.

The two other locations that Amidst said had strongholds indeed did, along with proper end portals in place.

What I'm wondering is, is this a bug with extra biomes? I'm really considering MCediting my build into a new world generated without it if so. I love the look and feel of extra biomes, but not if it means every single map I generate in survival will have eyes of ender not leading me to the right spot.

I even went above ground from one of the existing strongholds, and starting lobbing eyes of ender. They took me to another location in the middle of the earth with nothing there (another crater now, just in case I had been digging in circles). Is this a known issue?

Anyway, thanks for reading, I'm really mainly posting my experience so that it'll show up in a forum search for anyone else that has the problem I did. Amidst helped me to find proper strongholds, for anyone that is as frustrated as I was.