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Is it possible to pump water in to a carpenter?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Starlord78937893, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Starlord78937893

    Starlord78937893 New Member

    Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to pump water in to a carpenter and if so how. Getting sick of refilling it.
  2. SolManX

    SolManX Well-Known Member

    What pack are you in?

    And do you mean the carpenter from Forestry?

    Normally, you can use any conduits/pipes (eg. EnderIO, Thermal Expansion/Dynamics, ExtraUtilities2, Buildcraft) to pump water in, but it'll depend on what version of minecraft and what pack you're using.
  3. Starlord78937893

    Starlord78937893 New Member

    Im playing continuum with 1.12.2

    And yes I mean the carpenter from forestry
  4. SolManX

    SolManX Well-Known Member

    Haven't played Continuum so don't know whether recipes are 'vanilla' or not, but from a quick look at the modlist you've at least got conduits from Thermal Dynamics and pipes from ExtraUtilities2. You'll need a water 'generator' of some kind (aqueous accumulator maybe).
  5. Starlord78937893

    Starlord78937893 New Member

    Thanks. Il try to use a different pipe.
  6. Cpt_gloval

    Cpt_gloval Well-Known Member

    I ended up using Immersive Engineering pipes to get water in to my Carpenter and into an Advanced Tank on my EFAB. Used the IE Pump over a 1x3 water pool.
    Kept both topped off at all times.
  7. Starlord78937893

    Starlord78937893 New Member

    I had a huge misunderstanding of the pump I was using sense I thought it only needed one water source but however needed an infinite water source. But thanks for letting me know how you got it to work.
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