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    So I've started a new world in InfiTech and figured why not monitor my progress here? As the title may suggest I'm going to be trying to do a lot of stuff with railcraft, right from step one, the world is set to large biomes to help there, along with a rule I hope to follow of not doing more than one thing in one place, though I may break that a bit early on. Anyway to get things started, only been playing for a day or two so far and that's been initial exploration and getting a bed mostly.

    I started by setting up in a village, it'll need work to level it and convert it over to redwood from the nearby forest and sandstone instead of oak/cobble houses but it should look decent when it's done. Right before I turn it into a thriving industrial center. The railcraft building with track was my first shot at track, since stripped down and I'll be moving the station later to just outside the village. The Witching Gadgets building providing a solid foundation of wool to build my first bed.
    And the results after cutting down my first redwood tree, got through 3 axes before just swapping over to doing it by hand. Must've taken two or three minecraft days to get through.
    And the beginning of my world spanning rail, it's already consumed nearly 16 stacks of track and I'm still a couple of hundred blocks off the village I was heading towards. Luckily wooden track is cheaper than normal in InfiTech. Each shot includes the end of the previous part, starting from next to my village and heading nearly all the way across the desert. In the first picture the small hole I started for what should eventually be a large quarry is visible, currently it's just a small shaft.

    After that I simply looted the destination village, managed to luck into some dark steel ingots and the steel pick that can be seen in the pictures. Didn't think to take a picture of all the loot before stopping for the day however. Next I plan on extending the rail to reach the village which is still off to the west of what the minimap shows there and flattening and redecorating the first village a bit before moving onto starting mining.
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    Going around hills? The Romans never would have that crap. Where's your shovel man?
  3. Xavion

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    Not being used to shovel hundreds of blocks of sand everywhere. Now once I manage to finally reach LV and can start redoing it with metal rails and signals, and crushed obsidian bases and everything? Then it'll be going through some hills, particularly as I plan to make the thing at least 5 blocks wide, partially so that I can have two railways next to each other which is needed for proper two way travel. Unless I have changeover areas actually which could be interesting to play around with.
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    When you get into steel age LV build tunnel bores imo, I used them for my previous world to build a huge network. Put down two next to each other( 1 block between) + anchor cart and it'll place 800 blocks of track or something. Then perhaps block/track replacer carts?

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    Reminds me, I was going to post an update here. Started on the quarry (30x30 block holes take a while) and done a lot of work on the village.

    The track relayer and undercutter will definitely be making an appearance later, Thaumcraft will be making a major appearance as well. The tunnel bore will appear, but probably not for overland tracks as I prefer ones that flow with the land a little and it can't do anything but flat straight lines.

    I did find some veins though, did a little hidden prospecting. Tin, sapphire, beryllium, and chalcopyrite which is fairly decent output, going to need redstone eventually though but deep hives help delay that.

    I'll try to get an update out tonight though.
  6. KingTriaxx

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    Fortunately you won't have to relay all that stuff by hand.

    Tunnel Bore actually excels as a Branch mine starter. Plus it lays track to put chest carts on to haul your goodies back home.
  7. Xavion

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    So I still haven't really played too much, been distracted by doing things for the pack and whatnot but at least a couple of pictures of progress. At this point I'm really not sure what to do for the buildings, wanted to try sandstone bricks but it looks like I'd have to do my own texture to get one I was happy with there, although I've been thinking about the use of sandy bricks which I might try. The main concern is clay.

    Anyway, the pictures!

    Redid the well, leveled all the roads and replaced them with sandcobble, redid three small houses in redwood/sandstone along with three farms. One of the farms is now ripe for beef wellingtons too. I also redid the witching gadgets building which was most annoying as that was both large and had to be moved up one block so the entire thing was torn down and rebuilt, the glowstone inside provided particularly tricky, I moved it with a piston in the end as I couldn't break or I wouldn't be able to remake it due to a lack of a compressor. Also redid the black wool lampposts with railcraft sandstone lanterns and microblock smooth sandstone posts. For the building I'm in the middle of lowering I'm not sure what to do for the cobblestone walls, mentioned that with the sandstone bricks issue.
    Inside the witching gadgets building and where all my stuff is, I've got a thaumonomicon and research table but haven't really started thaumcraft yet, a lot of scanning going on however. Led to one of those distractions where I ended up adding aspects for a ton of items that should be in as of the next pack update, I've also got a presser as I used beeswax instead of candleberries to get the wax for hardened leather. All glass helpfully provided by the use of an ignis shovel for auto-smelting sand.
    Actually got some substance to it now, going to be a long time before I dig the whole thing out, might be 50k+ blocks left to do from my maths, a long way to go. Going to be about an 18x18 area empty in the middle.
    The result of much adventuring and looting all the bluepower volcanoes that were still in the world, probably should be using the tungsten to make tools but eh, it's high durability and I can get more tungsten later when I really need it. Was in creative because of the pictures, harder to view everything from the ground.
  8. KingTriaxx

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    Got MFR? It's sludge boilers are a great source of clay. I think TE has a recipe that's four dirt and a bucket of water for 4 clay as well. I don't recall ever seeing an Infinitech modlist.
  9. Xavion

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    Nope, Infitech has neither MFR or Thermal Expansion, current option looks like thaumcraft duplication is best, although bees look like an option I won't be using due to speed and being even further off than automated alchemy is now. If I could find a mountain ridge biome it'd solve it, 3 water buckets + red rock from it for 4 clay balls but nothing even close to them so far, mainly forests and swamps.
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    This looks cool. Keep it up!

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