Open Infinity Evolved skyblock server files not creating island properly.

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    Ignoring the fact that the ftb islands mod is broken again (still?) and can not create islands with command blocks. (it creates an island called @p, have posted an issue on their github)
    When you create an island (or just join a server with the default configs that FTB shipped) you start on the tree island. Not the platform island with a chest. Probably need to change the config file for ftbi to default to platform.
  2. look at config - this is as it is supposed to

    # Configuration file
    misc {
      # Set this to the type of platform you want:
      #  'grass'  A single grass block.
      #  'tree'  A small oak tree on a grass block. This is the standard start.
      #  'platform'  A 3x3 platform with a chest.
      #  'GoG'  An island similar to Garden of Glass from Botania.
      #  [default: tree]
      S:"Island Type"=tree
      # The maximum amount of islands that can be created. This number will be multiplied by four. Be careful with high numbers. [range: 1 ~ 1000, default: 100]
      I:"Max Islands"=100
    as for the broken island mod - well - yea - some "genius" thought it would be a smart idea to somehow squeez a reference to the player in the command chain - even it's not needed and not used except for logging (wich is done on the wrong spot)
    so it fails from server console and command blocks
    and currently its so broken - even as op you can create and delete island - but the join command is messed up and can't be used

    my advice: spawn in some islands and just put /tp x y z into the command blocks to tp the player - instead of tryin to figure how to correctly use @p to create island and make players join them
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  3. Electrofried

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    I understand how the config works, the island type is supposed to be platform. I have changed it on the servers I admin, but I posted it as an issue so the FTB guys know to fix it in the next release.
    As for island creation, that is not going to work. It might be fine for servers that are only for few players who play on a server together, but our servers are public and can have people joining at any time. Currently we just manually create islands for them and it is a pain as it means an admin or mod has to be online when someone joins. It would be nice to be able to automate it.
  4. well - I also tried to set up a spawn with command-blocks to try to do the same - also on earlier versions - but as the island-creation mod is so messed up (properly easier to re-write instead of try to fix the current crap) and doesn't respond well to command blocks (I guess this could be another issue as "@p" didn't geht parsed before it's issued to the creation method) - currently it seems not to be easy to host a public server - at least not w/o usin some other method for auto-generating the island based on player name

    as for the creation style - as the config was changed by the team - I guess it's intented to be skyfactory-style tree only - so it doesn't seem to be a mistake

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