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Infinity Evolved "pro tips"

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by VKyuss789, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. VKyuss789

    VKyuss789 New Member

    IIT: Tips and tricks for making life easier in evolved.

    I'll start,

    No quarry, no problem, just collect every ore berry bush you find and when you can set up and mfr farm and leave it running all the time haven't need to go mining since I set mine up. And when I'll need to it will be for silver lead red stone lapis or diamonds.... Which can be found at the same y level so that makes what mining I have left easier.

    if you have passive power gen (IE water wheel etc) make lots of energy storage. Then you can leave it running and build up tonnes of power.... I haven't had to think about upgrading my power gen for ages because my batteries never run out.... The IE capacitors are pretty cheap I feel


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  2. DeathOfTime

    DeathOfTime New Member

    If you are going out exploring in the early game try keeping a sleeping bag, tinkers' crafting table,and a furnace on you. A little food is good to. Though the wickermen make good resupply depots. If it is day out just they tend not to spawn anything. Though I do like to pop a torch on the spawner just in case. Dig up any tin you find along the way. When you get four tin make a strong box. Just keep making the strong boxes as you can. They will massively increase your inventory. They can be picked up with pickaxes as well.

    When taking on a corrupt tree run around it and try and place a torch on every side of it. The quicker you get it lit up the better.

    When taking on a thaumcraft mound-type dungeon press F7 so you can see where to place the torches. Kick in the door. Ignore the monsters as you run through placing torches down. Get out of there and try to getting nine chunks away from it for a little bit. Go back and loot the spoils. This actually should work for any spawner that is light level dependent.

    Get a chisel as soon as possible. It can be the most poweful early game item in some modpacks and Infinity is no exception. Hit stone with it to change it into stone bricks. Mine the stone bricks then change them back with chisel. This will save you loads of fuel and give you easy access to stone at even when you are not near a furnace.

    Keep eight or so extra chests on you at all times. Especially if exploring. You can place chest whenever and fill them up to free up inventory space. If you leave anything important on it then set a waypoint to it. If on a server you might want to bury it too.

    First thing you want to do when you find a village is raid the Agricraft farms. You only have a little bit after it's chunks are loaded before all the plants will be destroyed by weeds. Place down four chests. Empty your inventory into one. Break all the plants and place the seeds in other chest. Even if you don't want the seeds now you might find a use for them later. Then also on a server someone else might enjoy the cache of seeds you left safely behind.

    Edit 001:
    Chisel is so freaking awesome. It breaks all the things. Make a chisel. Hit a stone with it twice. Harvest the result. Pop it in the chisel. Hit all the stone you can see with it. Harvest all that. Fill a crafting table with it. Pop the result on all your tinkers tools. Enjoy tools maxed with the best early game tinker's tool modifier.

    If you can't figure out what material to use for stuff like bindings use paper. It has one of the few material modifiers that stack as well.
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  3. VKyuss789

    VKyuss789 New Member

    That strongbox idea is amazing! Here was me farming up hemp to make a a canvas bag

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  4. DeathOfTime

    DeathOfTime New Member

    Canvas bags are great. Just hard to get to with costing sixty four string per bag. I finally got one crafted. It will do to store my strongboxes and stuff in until I get a ender pouch. Canvas bags are also a good place to store items that harm you while you they are in your inventory. They aren't as good as a devnull. You don't have to worry about the items getting deleted though if you actually want to keep them. Strongboxes work all right for that. They aren't optimal though. When I found a death bloom I had to get prepared to pick it up. With the canvas bag I could have just picked up the flower and placed it in the bag.
  5. Syrinori

    Syrinori New Member

    Getting started: Find a slime island and hemp early on. Having access to the slime and string means you can make safari nets which makes getting glue for the blast furnace really simple.

    Storage advice: Make a storage drawer room with a controller, and attach it to a logistics pipe. It's like the old barrel sorting systems but easier. Though a tad buggy in my experience in that the controller has this weird habit of filling new slots when it doesn't need to, even if I lock it but it's still really good. I think ender io is probably an upgrade over LP in the midgame once you have enderium just because the transfer is so much faster however LP remains useful for autocrafting.

    Power: Survivalist generators into furnace generators are really easy. That said the passive generators in Immersive engineering are really strong if you want to go that route.

    Midgame: Try to get a watering can. It's pretty simple to breed to and villages can make it easier. Once you do that, take a look at the farming needed to make biodiesel. Get two of them to 10/10/10 seeds and make an automated farm for each one. My suggestion for farming since MFR is more expensive to get into now is to use buildcraft robots. They require a fair bit of RF to craft but if you max out a redstone energy cell which is pretty easy to do by idling while power gen goes on, that cell will make two of the crystals which is equal to two robots. Direwolf20 has a good how to in his regrowth series on how to set them up. If you dont want to use hopperhocks to loot them, I suggest Vacuum hoppers. They are still really cheap to craft in expert mode. After you have a diesel generator or two, I suggest aiming for an excavator. They are not amazing for ores given that you only get a couple types at a time, but they don't leave big holes and they are pretty quick and cheap compared to MFR laser drill. It'd take an excavator less than an hour for it to gather what it takes to craft it self. Pretty impressive machine even if it is rather limited.
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  6. LostGuyJB

    LostGuyJB New Member

    The hang glider is a pretty good early speed upgrade. Just be sure to bring a sleeping bag because the trip is often much quicker one way.
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  7. GarlicInYourEye

    GarlicInYourEye New Member

    I kind of feel like this a bit of an exploit for early RF power gen compared to the hobbiest, peat engines but the culinary generator can be pretty beast with the right food. 2 ingredients, eggplant and garlic produce 38 RF/t for 1 minute and 40 seconds resulting in 75,810 RF per stuffed eggplant.

    My first play through I rushed to make a QED so that I could step up my culinary generators to the tier 2 power multiplier of 8 running on beef wellington (4 ingredients tofu, spinach, dough, mushroom) which produced 60.5 RF/t for just over 2 minutes by doing this I was able to fill 8 resonant energy cells fairly quickly (this was before the energy cell recipe change). All ingredients were automated to be mass produced using phytogenic insolators, which I feel should be nerfed a tad, because they pretty much make Agricraft useless in this pac.

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