Bug Infinity Evolved 2.6.0 - Extraplanets/Erebus Crashing my client...


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Jul 29, 2019
So, i recently started to put new mods to my modpack... Here's a list with all the mods that i've added

- EnderioAddons, i really wanted to see how this addon works
- Mekanism, because playing with gas and 5x ore is really interesting, i'm serious !
- Galacticraft, here's a mod that i always wanted to play !
- Quantum Flux, i know there isnt much thing about this mod, but the imaginary time block is really cool
- Solar Flux, i also know this is a SkyBlock kinda mod... solar generation, but i wanted it anyways
- Wireless Crafting Terminal, do i have to say anything?
- AE2 Stuff, do i still have to say anything ?!?!

But, there are a few things that i did, i'm playing on normal mode, but i enabled avaritia and all its stuff, such as the Sword of The Cosmos, yeah i know this things are for Expert Mode or Project Ozone Kappa, but who cares?

Okay, now for the main issue of this thread, Galacticraft has a nice addon called Extra Planets, and i decided to add in the modpack, crash... Okay, remove it...
Welp, since i can't play with Extra Planets, i'll play with Erebus ! Wand of Animation, thats a thing that i'm curious about ! Crash... okay, remove it...

Here's the thing, i don't know what is causing the crash.. But i have and ideia, i think there is a biome conflict or something.. so i added the Anti ID Conflict and changed the biome ID, still crashing... I have the crash log and i'll post here... I really really really want Erebus in my pack, if i have to remove galacticraft its fine... But Erebus is a must have for me...



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Oct 3, 2012
Scotland, UK
Its simple if you read the crash log because it tells you the issue. The erebus mod is using the same id as a biomes 'o' plenty mod. Change to to something else and it should work.