Solved Infinite Leather

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Summary of the problem Infinite Leather

Pack Version 1.10.0

What is the bug? Flax can be grown into string, which can be crafted into woven cotton. This can then be crafted into leather armor which can be put in a sawmill for leather.

Mod & Version Pam's Harvestcraft Version 1.12.2a.jar
Thermal Expansion Version 1.12-

Link to log file N/A

Is it repeatable? 1. Plant flax seeds
2. Use the string from it to craft woven cloth from Pam's Harvestcraft
3. Use that to craft any piece of leather armor
4. Throw the armor in a TE sawmill and obtain practically free leather

Known Fix - Could remove sawmilling of leather armor or recipe for leather armor from silken cloth
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