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Whitelist Server InceptiSkies - Recommended - Team Speak - Whitelist - Nothing Banned - Mature Community

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by eMaaaZe, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. JesusTheAlmighty

    JesusTheAlmighty New Member

    When we go on, do we claim one of the island that haven't been claimed yet?
  2. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

    For now yes, then when we find that they've all been taken I'l be setting them up person by person.
  3. truextacy4u

    truextacy4u New Member

    Whitelist application:
    In game name:Truextacy4u
    Have you ever been banned:No
    If so what for:
    Looking for a community that is active. I loved playing Skyblock But had about a week ago seen Argarian Skies and gave it a shot in single player I went really far but it got boring with me being the only one =(
  4. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

  5. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

    Quick note to any new apps, the ban section of the application is from any game, not just minecraft.
  6. Dis iz Chris

    Dis iz Chris New Member

    In game name: Dis_iz_Chris
    Age: 20
    Have you ever been banned: No
    If so what for: n/a
    Timezone: Eastern
  7. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

  8. BuAzZz

    BuAzZz New Member

    In game name:sineddw
    Age: 19
    Have you ever been banned: no
    If so what for:
    Timezone: +2:00
  9. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

  10. zero191

    zero191 New Member

    In game name:Zeroknight191
    Have you ever been banned:no
    If so what for:N/A
    Timezone:EST (canada)

    EDIT:if you look me up i say i was banned once because of a prank, i didnt think that it would matter but ill put it in anyways
  11. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

    According to fishbans and mcbans your account isn't validated? is it spelled correctly?
  12. Malice

    Malice New Member

    In game name: Octobon
    Age: 23
    Have you ever been banned: No.
    If so what for: I have not been banned from any servers prior to this application.
    Timezone: EST
    I'm looking for a fun, and mature community to play and collaborate with. Agrarian skies is by far my favorite modpack, and I would love to meet people with these same interests.
  13. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

    accepted ^
  14. eMaaaZe

    eMaaaZe New Member

  15. Malice

    Malice New Member

    Sweet, doesn't look like I was whitelisted though.

    Also, what version of Agrarian skies are you running?
  16. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

    i may have accidentally copied your ftb forums name XD
    and 3.1.1 i'l fix the whitelist now
  17. zero191

    zero191 New Member

    Sorry my name Zeroknight19, added an extra 1 xD
  18. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

    Alright, accepted.
  19. 1Revenger1

    1Revenger1 New Member

    In game name:1Revenger1
    Have you ever been banned:Not as far as I know, maybe once or twice from my own server for derping around.
    If so what for:---------
    Timezone:pacific USA
  20. raggedreece

    raggedreece New Member

    Whitelisted, head onto our websites chat later and we'll get you an island setup.

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