Improbable Island


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Jul 29, 2019
Improbable Island is a text-based, in-browser game that is actually pretty fun. Like most browser-based games, you spend stamina to perform actions and gain levels and/or money, as well as the somewhat harder currency to get: Cigarettes. Unlike most browser games, II actually has a story, so it gives you a reason to keep playing it. Also, less of the game relies on completely random chance in terms of combat, but you have a lot more "flavor" events that DO rely on random chance. Also, the game is multiplayer, and you can interact with other players (though I haven't seen PvP yet).

The gist of the game is that you are dumped on Improbable Island, after a guy nicknamed "Dr. Improbable" tried to study Chance there. I can't really explain the whole story (because I'm bad at such things) but there is an in-game museum at the city you start out in.

The whole game is pretty funny, and it's good for killing some time. It also has a pretty active RP community, and a pretty large world to explore. I think the map is something like 24x24 "cells", though I don't know for certain.

If you want to give it a try, use one of these links: <-- That one will give me a few bonus "supporter points" (basically the money you get from donating. I'll explain more below) every time an in-game day passes. <-- That one will just lead you to the homepage, where you can sign up if you want to do it without giving me free stuff that does not take anything from you at all. Jerk. :p

It also has supporter points, which you can get in a few different ways:
1) Donate to the game.
2) If you're signed up for the World Community Grid (there's a link on the II site), you can get some free supporter points by donating your computer cycles through them.

3) Referring other people, like I'm doing with my link up there.

They can be spent on flavor items and such. Any items that actually give you stats are pretty well balanced, so there's no unfair advantage for paying real-life money. Also, if you donate to the server, EVERYONE on the server gets a bonus to stamina gain on each new in-game day for awhile. They call it the altruism bonus. It's pretty awesome. So if you want to give it a try, either click my link above so I get free supporter points, or use the other one that I so generously provided if you don't want to give me free supporter points for some reason.

I'm Ezzran in that game, so you might see me around :)