Importing older server maps into a new FTB server using Mystcraft?

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Greytusks, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Greytusks

    Greytusks Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    I've been an admin for our workplace's Minecraft server for a couple years now. Since the server hasn't seen action for a while, I have as a project the idea of transforming it into a FTB server to breath some life into it.

    Here's what our current setup looks like. Keep in mind that only plan to 'port' the first of our servers, I don't plan to touch the others since I don't directly manage the others.

    * All server administration is usually done through Multicraft. Our host helps me setup what I can't do using Multicraft and FTP file transfers.

    * The server I want to port over to FTB is currently using Craftbukkit 1.3.2, with two maps running on it via Multiverse, each with their own Nether. The content and creations on the two maps is what I really want to keep, the rest (plugin use) I don't really care about for now (although dynmap would be great ...). The two maps I wanna keep are named 'world' (that one's content comes all the way from minecraft alpha days!) and 'adventure' (more recent, from 1.2+).

    Here's what I want to know if it is possible:

    * Make 'world' the main world, use Mystcraft to load and go to 'adventure', and again use Mystcraft to create a 'mining' world to get all the new ores n such.

    I am also unsure of the config settings I would use in Mystcraft to disallow non admins from creating new Mystcraft worlds.

    Anybody has imported older vanilla maps into Myscrfat as an age before?

  2. adib

    adib Member

    you should just be able to copy the world folder as main world. and atleast in singeplayer you can disable the crafting of linking books.
    i've heard of issues with porting over from normal minecraft to craftbukkit with generating new chunks, im not sure if it will generate properly.
  3. Greytusks

    Greytusks Well-Known Member

    It would be more like importing the maps from a bukkit server to FTB minecraft, since I've read that FTG is vanilla server + mods I don't expect problems as far as map compatibility goes, since the content of those maps is all vanilla. The plugins I currently run on craftbukkit only add functionality. :)

    So I don't expect trouble getting 'world' to run as the main world/map, I am more worried in getting the 'aventure' map running/imported as a Mystcraft age.
  4. Greytusks

    Greytusks Well-Known Member

    Did some digging, and I think I found most of what I needed in this Mystcraft forum thread: map#p506

    Not sure how it will behave though, since my imported world will have no symbol data in the .dat file ... worth a try in local 1st :)

    Well, it required using NBTExplorer to edit the agedata files so the world would be stable and using the right biome, time and environment symbols in addition to using the /tpx command to go there and create link books, but I was able to make it work ok on my local machine so I am confident I will be able to do the same on the server too.
  5. adib

    adib Member

    i know people that had problems using an older vanilla world and using it in a craftbukkit server.
    caused those chunk errors at the end of the already generated world.
  6. Greedseed

    Greedseed Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Moved to the correct section. This is not a guide or tip's or tricks, so server tech help is the correct place for this.

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