Solved Immersive engineering weapons do not work

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Summary of the problem Immersive engineering weapons do not work

Pack Version 1.2.1

What is the bug? The Chemical thrower, revolver and railgun use up their ammunition, but no projectiles are created

Mod & Version direwolf20 1.12 1.7.1/1.8

immersive engineering 0.12-76

Link to log file am not sure how to generate this

Is it repeatable? multiple users confirm bug, repeatable in survival/creative single player

Known Fix


FTB Pack Developer
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FTB Pack Developer
Feb 27, 2014
United Kingdom
Hi there,

Thank you for your patients. This issue has been addressed and fixed in the latest release of the modpack, 1.9.0 - it's still a beta mind so be sure to backup before updating. As such, this issue will now be closed. If you're still experiencing problems please open a new issue report via the same method as before.

Many thanks once again for your help to find and iron out the various issues in the modpack.

Changelog (Basic):
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