Open IE Automated Workbench Client Crash



Summary of the problem IE Automated Workbench Client Crash

Pack Version 1.6.1

What is the bug? Confirming the recipe in the Immersive Engineering Workbench by clicking on the electrode symbol crashes the client. Re-logging into world immediately causes the client to crashes again.

Mod & Version ImmersiveEngineering-0.10-54

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes. I reproduced the issue twice in new SP worlds.

- form the Auto Workbench multi block
- place in the Blueprint (Arc Furnace Electrodes)
- click on the Electrode symbol

Known Fix Working "fix" is to removed IE from the modpack.

Workarounds that didn't fix the issue:
- removed OptiFine and/or FoamFix
- used different computer
- deleted player data