Request IC2 Solar Panel Resource Guide

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Dec 2, 2012
I'm looking for a Solar Panel Resource Calculator that is suitable for Solar Panels as they would be crafted in the Age of Engineering pack. I already have the basic machines needed for components already set up, I just need something that will give me the material costing for each tier of Low Voltage Solar Array, Medium Voltage Solar Array or High Voltage Solar Array.

I don't want to craft the IC2 solar panels as those are costly and expensive to set up.

These solar panels are from the mod Compact Solar Arrays.

I Googled and found the guide on the IC2 forums but that link is broken. If anyone has that spreadsheet or knows if a similar one is publicly hosted somewhere please post the link here.

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Jul 29, 2019
I don't have a spreadsheet that I can share. But when I am building anything in AOE I typically make one. Google, Kingsoft, Excel whatever, they all have the same very simply way of putting formula in cells that reference other cells.

I just use Call A1 to put the name of the thing I want, and below it, the things its made from. Cell B1 gets how many of the thing I want to make, and Column C starting at C2 gets filled with formula. i.e. if Row two was "Glass Panes" for a recipe that used 3 Glass Panes it would be =B2+B1*3
I always start with adding in the B column for the same row so I can just add numbers to it, if for example I wanted an extra 5 glass panes the computed value in column C would reflect that, plus the glass panes needed to make the item I want.
Then below that I start listing the things that are used to make the first tier of things. Glass (Block) on row 5 would be =B5+C2*6/16 (as 6 glass blocks produce 16 glass panes).
Just keep drilling down and eventually you will know how much sand, iron ore etc you need, and you can throw numbers anywhere in column B and further down the list it will provide crafting totals or raw materials required.
You would quickly get duplicates, just add them to the existing formula. Iron Ingots (on row 10) could be used to make Iron Bars (row 7) and Iron Blocks (row 6), would be =B10+C7*6/16+C6*9

If you have a bunch of items on hand for some reason, just list the quantity in the B column as a negative number, and it will again bubble down the list and reduce the count of things you need to get/craft.

If you don't like all the fractional results that creep in from the more strange ratios, you can just wrap the formula for the stranger quantities in a ROUNDUP() that most spreadsheets support.

Glass Blocks would then be =B5+ROUNDUP(C2*6/16)
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