Open IC2 machinery disappears

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  1. mti_

    mti_ New Member

    Summary of the problem IC2 machinery disappears

    Pack Version 1.0.0

    What is the bug? IC2 machines disappear seconds after placing them (no energy on the system).
    This bug has (sort of) been reported for Infinity Light, where I could not replicate the issue.
    Right now, unfortunately, IC2 is utterly broken.

    Mod & Version Default

    Link to log file -

    Is it repeatable? Yes

    Known Fix None
  2. rowlock

    rowlock New Member

    I'm seeing this too. All IC2 blocks have a chance to "ghost out" when you move far away from the chunk they're in, or log out and back into the server. Right now I've got a generator, batbox, electric furnace, and extractor (plus the associated copper cables) that are all invisible.

    Placing a cobblestone or other solid block in the space the machine used to occupy, then breaking that cobblestone, sometimes results in the machine also being broken and reappearing as a dropped item on the ground along with any items that may have been inside the machine.

    I'm running SMP on a server currently.
  3. Thirding this issue. When I first placed machines, I was able to interact with them and play as normal. Others on my server could not see them. After rebooting the server, neither could I.

    Happy to provide any further info.
  4. Feydaway

    Feydaway New Member

    This is also happening to me. Not just the machinery, but the cables as well. They are still there - I cannot move through the space. However, there is no rendering and no JEI recognition.

    Happened for: Geothermal Generator, Metal Former, Extractor, all cables.
  5. compcrasher86

    compcrasher86 New Member

    We were having the same issue on our server, not having IC2 was a dealbreaker. We updated to pack version 1.2.2 (IC2 and that fixed our issue indefinitely.

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