Open Ic2 and tech reborn neutron reflectors recipes

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  1. 1adams12

    1adams12 Guest

    Summary of the problem Ic2 and tech reborn neutron reflectors recipes

    Pack Version 1.4.0

    What is the bug? The tech reborn and industrial craft 2 neutron reflector recipes are the same and will only craft the tech reborn neutron reflector but the molecular transformer recipe will only work with the IC2 Neutron reflector

    Mod & Version tech reborn/ industrial craft 2

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable?

    Known Fix You can switch the tin dust and coal dust around to be different between the two recipes.
  2. I__am__D

    I__am__D Guest

    I have tried the fix and used every tin dust and coal dust combination in the game and still only get the tech reborn version which will not work for the molecular transformer, I came here to report the same bug and I am stuck in my game play until this is fixed
  3. arisado

    arisado New Member

    Mekanism adds the Oredictionificator. I havent tried it but if the Tech Reborn and IC2 Neutron Reflector have the same oredict entry you should be able to switch between them with the Oredictionificator.
  4. I__am__D

    I__am__D Guest

    yeah about that oredictionificator, there is little to no information on how it works and you have to setup a whole blood magic setup just to make one part of another part just to try and filter something. Not sure why this would be so out of the way and unrelated. On top of that it only works with ores.
  5. arisado

    arisado New Member

    If you had clicked on this link i posted you had seen that its like i said from Mekanism, not Blood Magic and pretty cheap to make. Its not only working for ores but everything that has an oreDict entry.
  6. I__am__D

    I__am__D Guest

    to make the filter requires blood magic, I did open the link and I even worked with it on the server.
  7. Tesgri

    Tesgri New Member

    I found a work around for it and have successfully crafted the Molecular Transformer. The Forestry Work Table (or Work Bench unsure of name) lets you pick which mod to craft with when a recipe has two mods.
  8. I__am__D

    I__am__D Guest

    Thank you, I have not used forestry much but i will now.

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