I need help!


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Mar 31, 2020
Hi guys, I have my twitch launcher and native launcher for Minecraft, it worked fine some time ago, but when I try to play my modpacks on the native launcher I get told "to access the entire Minecraft; java edition, head over to our website, I already have a pro account/premium. when I try to do it via twitch jar launcher it makes me sign in which is fine, but after I put my info in, it just loads and loads I even turned my computer off for a night and it did nothing but load continuously, getting nowhere. Everything is up to date I even deleted and reinstalled my native launcher and the twitch app, can someone help me? Even over comments or a facetime I don't entirely care I just need help.


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Mar 1, 2020
I've had the same problem with the twitch launcher. Best bet is to use a different launcher - FTB has their own now, and MultiMC is good for other 1.12.2 or below packs. Additionally, there's the GDLauncher, which is like the Twitch one without all the overhead.