I don't know where to get started..

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So i've played FTB for a while back.. And the only thing i really know what to do is the mining turtle.

I really wanna learn to get in to the Applied energestic stuff and ME-terimnals..

But, there is just so much to get into,

Is there a easy way to learn?

I mean, What are some "easy" stuff to make that is USEFULL?


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Aug 24, 2013
Best advice is the usual advice.

Get the Direwolf20 pack, and follow his youtube videos. He walks through everything from punching trees to Draconic Evoloution's overpowered goodness.


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Aug 14, 2013
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Since @Cptqrk stole my usual advice, I'll add: Look for a pack that has some sort of questing mode. These packs guide you through mods by giving you incremental tasks to accomplish.


Best advice is the usual advice.

Get the Direwolf20 pack, and follow his youtube videos. He walks through everything from punching trees to Draconic Evoloution's overpowered goodness.
can you link the video?


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Jul 29, 2019
Applied Energistics 2 is particularly difficult to "get into" because a simple system looks so bloody complicated.

I too like to start with something simple, that solves a well defined problem, and then expand upon it over time.

As such:

First build: A ME Chest
Just build a ME Chest. It can accept RF directly. Also make a storage card or 2. You now have a RF powered mass storage device. Make two and you can carry lots of items between sites just by carrying the storage cards.
ME Chests accept RF (and EU) directly, but to power any other devices you need an Energy Acceptor (or ME Controller). So add one of those now.

Now, some simple automation:
You are playing FTB. There is, presumably, some kind of machine you want to automate in some way: If its as simple as inserting or removing items from inventories then you can use some Fluix cable to extend the reach of your ME Chest, and use some ME Import or ME Export Busses to insert or remove items from machines.

A simple mass storage with integrated crafting:
Maybe you have a Storage Drawers setup with loads of items but you would like to get a view of that from a single UI? Attach an Storage Bus to the Storage Drawer controller, hook up an energy acceptor to power it, some Fluix cable and a ME Terminal so you can deposit and withdraw specific items. Upgrade the ME terminal to a crafting terminal and you can now craft without having to pull items from specific drawers.

Expand your storage:
Add a ME Drive to your crafting setup to add loads of ME native storage via storage cards.

Add a Controller:
Oh crap: what with the Storage buses, Terminals, and Drives you have exceeded MEs 8 item limit: you need to add a Controller. Make one and add it to your network somewhere.

This path, starting with some simple ME networks consisting of no more than two blocks and then growing them should teach you the basic utility of ME and get you to understand how the basic blocks interact. Now you are ready to learn:

* Avail yourself of AE2s quirky tools including the Matter Cannon and Entropy Manipulator.
* Learn about channel limits per cable, and how to bypass them to use P2P tunnels.
* Perform advanced autocrafting using a Crafting computer.
* Use a Security Terminal to give other players on your server permission to access your network.
* Add a wireless access point so you can access your network from anywhere in your base.
* Create a quantum bridge so you can get your alternate base in a different dimension hooked up to all your sweet autocrafting and storage.
* Use Spatial Storage to save entire parts of your base to an alternate dimension, and then restore them - perhaps somewhere else - later.

and this list is not even exhaustive.
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