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Discussion in 'FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12' started by Magn78, Jan 29, 2018.

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  1. Magn78

    Magn78 Guest

    Summary of the problem I can't craft energy cell

    Pack Version 1.7.0

    What is the bug? The energy cell from thermal expansion except leadstone energy cell dont exist.

    Mod & Version Direwolf 1.12.2 v1.7.1
    Thermal expansion
    Download from Twitch

    Link to log file Nothing

    Is it repeatable? Nothing

    Known Fix I don't know.
  2. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Not a bug.

    The system has been changed - the energy cells are now upgraded via the upgrade kits; there are 4 tiers: hardened, reinforced, signalum and resonant.
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  3. Magn78

    Magn78 Guest

    Thanks you so much:)
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  4. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    No probs :) Its quite a nice system! The machines and tanks are upgraded the same way (via kits), however satchels and reservoirs are upgraded with crafting recipes. Also if you're struggling for blizzes to make cryotheum dust (needed for the signalum upgrade kit), bear in mind you can use a fluid transposer with snowballs and destabilized redstone to make blizz powder instead.
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