How to only process one type of ore at a time?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Wiremash, Jun 30, 2018.

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    I'm currently using Mekanism to process my ores in advanced factories, and what I've noticed is that if I add multiple kinds of ores at the same time, especially with "Auto-Sort" on, which I want because it processes the ores quicker and seems to be the point of factories (being able to run multiple processes at once), the ores tend to jam up as they go through the machines.

    (Pretty big images)
    Trying to process multiple ores at the same time (Stage 1)
    Base Profile Screenshot 2018.06.30 -

    Ores are stuck (Stage 2)

    Base Profile Screenshot 2018.06.30 -

    All top rows are taken up due to auto sort (Stage 3)
    Base Profile Screenshot 2018.06.30 -

    What I'm looking for is a way for me to control only one type of ore going into the set of machines at any one point so I can keep Auto-Sort on and keep my efficiency at the same time. I can input the ores through a chest or whatever. I've looked into rationing pipes but they don't seem to fit my purpose (might as well just turn Auto-Sort off).

    I don't mind the waiting for the ores to go through that much since I can just speed them up more in the later stages.
    I'm currently using the Ferret Business modpack, so if anyone knows anything in that modpack that would help please tell me, but I'm looking for a way to do this with Mekanism in general because I've had this with other packs too. Perhaps there's a feature I'm not seeing? Thanks.
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    From your ore storage, pipe into a bin/cache/storage drawer as that only accepts one item type, then pipe from that to your processing system. That way most of the time only 1 ore type will be processed, and as soon as a slot is available in the factories, the next time of ore will filter in.

    You could go crazy and have a factory per ore type, would look more impressive too!
  3. Wiremash

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    That's a really great idea! Thanks.

    And yeah, I'll probably do that in the future, but I'm still starting out so resources are scarce for now :p

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