How to kill the Gaia Guardian 2 as fast as possible?

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Hello fellow Minecrafters,
I'm playing FTB Infinity Evolved on Expert Mode together with a friend and we are approaching the very endgame and since the Gaia Guardian has some nice drops, I was wondering what might be a good way in order to kill it fast and have tried some stuff, but it still feels very slow...

FTB Infinity Version: 2.6.0

My equipment:
Full set of awakened Ichorcloth Armor Enchanted with Protection
That Alchemy Pendant thingy from Botania with Strength II
Greater Ring of Magnetization
Ring of Far reach
Globetrotters Belt

Bound blade enchanted with Sharpness, Wrath and Vampirism aswell as Looting and Binding (Althought the Boss seems to be Immune to Binding)
Sword of the Wyvern with the same enchantments as above
Both swords seem to only deal 24 Damage, which is weird since the Bound Blade has 24.5 Atk and the Sword of the Wyvern has 40 Atk + 10% Enemy HP

Blood Stave with Blink focus (If I get stuck at the ceiling), Nine Hells focus (Bat Bomb and Potency upgraded), Shock Focus (Chain Lightning and Potency upgraded)

I receive almost no damage and due to my armor my generation never stops, even if the hunger bar isn't full and my Vampirism enchant helps me even more, so surviving is no problem. Hitting it also isn't that much of a problem, even during its last phase, my armor and globetrotters help me run so fast that I can almost always hit it, although some help with that would be nice. (Bear Traps don't seem to work, the Guardian just destroys them when he touches them)

My only real problem however is damage-wise. Although I'm having a ton of damage by now and I'm onehitting every non-boss monster, even his not too high-ish 800 HP take quite a while to drain and his constant teleporting after being hit makes some weapons like the shadowbeam wand focus completely useless. (although it actually is quite strong and has awesome range)
Does anyone know if there's a good way of killing the Guardian even faster or what I should aim for? (Like armor penetration or something?)
Or is there simply a hard cap of damage the Guardian can receive and I have to deal with it?

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