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Problem How to i load up an old save of my skyfactory map?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by gunnut68, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. gunnut68

    gunnut68 Guest

    So i was playing skyfactory3 when my game crashed and kept doing it, so i tried to update my modpack and then my whole world turned into random modded blocks and liquids. I looked up how to do this but never found anyone with the same problem so now i just want to load an old save of my map before my world got completely messed up. Please help (only spent almost 300 hours on the map), I also linked a picture of what my base looks like after the crashes, my base was all obsidian by the way 2017-08-24_22.04.14.png
  2. gunnut68

    gunnut68 Guest

    nvm i fixed it after hours of more research
  3. BGierowski

    BGierowski Guest

    How did you fix it, cause the same thing happened to me, a lot of my blocks changed to random things and multi-block structures like my coke oven are just gone, can you help me?
  4. gunnut68

    gunnut68 Guest

    I went to my backups folder and copied the save before the crash into my saves folder where my world was, there are also a few vids that helped me.

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