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How to generate massive power at early/mid game?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by DnetVaggos, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. DnetVaggos

    DnetVaggos New Member

    you know guys how to generate massive power at the early/mid game?
    i need about 25k rf/t for my ender quarry
    i know the first way is BigReactors,i just want to see if i can find another way :D
    appreciate the answers :D thank you
  2. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    25k rf/t seems steep.. I use an ender quarry with silk touch addon and it uses under 5k rf/t
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  3. mathchamp

    mathchamp New Member

    If you use Speed III as well it's about 25k RF/t.

    In terms of fairly early power, I like to make a big tree farm (with MFR) for wood, which I then turn into charcoal, and then burn for RF (either directly, or indirectly by making steam). For extra power, you can try processing the extra saplings as well.

    To get out 25k RF/t you'll probably need several big tree farms running.

    Although with a single 25x25 tree farm I was able to get enough power to run my ender quarry and mine enough to build a pretty decent-sized big reactor (which would then supply the energy to speed up the ender quarry).

    Non-renewable sources other than yellorium, such as lava or oil/fuel, would likely run out quickly if you tried to make that much power from them. Although a few pumps in a lava age would probably supply 25k RF/t worth of lava for several days. Pumping the Nether should get you going for a few hours. A fairly large oil well should also get you enough fuel for a few hours' worth of operation at that power level.
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  4. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    I assume that by "No BigReactors" you really mean "No Big Reactor Steam Turbines" as well: There are other sources of forge compatible steam (RailCraft etc), but this seems counter to the spirit of avoiding the mod and trying out 'something new'.

    That said - there is a reason Big Reactors is my - and others - go to mod when large quantities of RF are required: With the other mods you are limited by the output of the engines/dynamos.

    So - Listing the mods I know of in direwolf20 that produce RF:

    Thermal Expansion dynamos all produce 80RF/t - differing dynamos and fuels merely change how long the fuel burns for. Dynamos do (however) support augments, so you can boost the output of a single dynamo up to 8x with a T3 power output augment. Augments require each tier to be installed to be active, so no multiple T3 augments. So; 640RF/t max = 32 Dynamo's to reach 20kRF/t.

    The enderIO generators seem to have power production in the range 10RF/t to 80RF/t - with Octadic capacitor upgrades possible in the Stirling generator so again 640RF/t max per generator, and again, a grid of 32 Dynamo's.

    ExtraUtilities introduces a variety of generators, and a 'different' space conserving way of boosting power- recipes can merge 8 of the basic generators to make a x8 Generator, and 8 of those to make a x64 generator. The basic combustion generator yields 40RF/t, so 2560RF/t per generator. This makes 20KRF/t reachable with a mere 8 x64 generators. Some of the other generators produce more that 40RF/t - but so many of them are so silly (a pink generator? Really?) I'll stop at the combustion generator before I feel (more) dirty.

    The most powerful engine in Buildcraft, the Combustion generator, yields 60RF/t and has no way to be boosted.

    MFR also has some RF generation that I can't find reliable details on.

    As a non RF native option:

    Assuming you have IC2x and MFR; as the MFR rednet power cables can convert EU to RF at a rate of 1:4 (I think) a 360EU/t Mark I EB reactor will be producing 1440RF/t. MOX reactors can safely produce >5000RF/t, and there are more daring reactor designs that require control computers to not overheat and explode but can produce an order of magnitude more power. So, 14 or less IC2exp nukes will hit your 20kRF/t benchmark.

    So, all the non Big Reactors solutions are going to need ~10 to 100 engines to achieve the required RF/t.

    And, all things considered - this is why people use Big Reactors for kRF power :p
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  5. HeroWing2

    HeroWing2 New Member

    You can also use railcraft steam Boiler and process the saplings and the Apples to get some Ethanol which is quiet a Good source to power steam Turbines
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  6. condensedapple

    condensedapple New Member

    I recommend building a MFR treefarm with diamond upgrades and using the charcoal in 3 max size steel Railcraft steam boilers. That is enough steam to power a max size BigReactors Turbine (with 37 enderium blocks and 80 rotor blades) which results in ~24k RF/t, which is really nice.
    Another way is the awesome calculator mod (http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/225104-calculator) which is one of the best mods for minecraft in my opinion. It adds dedicated RF-networks with early-mid game power generators, as well as an super cool expandable generator which produces energy from nothing, but is quite expensive and can produce huge amounts of power: the calculator locator. I added this mod to FTB Infinity, because it has so many new possibilities (the greenhouse or lightning energy or the new tools) and a very nice wiki (see github).
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  7. DnetVaggos

    DnetVaggos New Member

    i dont think steam turbine's is good to generate power eu and then converte to rf...i have this setup ( http://postimg.org/image/ve73ld6j7/ ),this setup produce enough steam for this turbine is 100% efficient,actually im using the steam boiler from "MineFactory" with block of coal's dont need anything else just need coal and water check this out ( http://postimg.org/image/ihpwm79f1/ ),i dont need high pressure boiler from railcraft, the steam boiler from Minefactory is enough for this turbines but dont generate enough power :(
  8. DnetVaggos

    DnetVaggos New Member

    @Chris Becke The combustion generator x64 can generate up to 3,8k RF/t with the Delighted meal's but burn very fast,so maybe i'll try to make food farm to be the things a little bit better
  9. HeroWing2

    HeroWing2 New Member

    Instead of coal Blocks use Lava buckets they generate more steam and power than you need to produce one bucket in a Lava fabricator
  10. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    Blood magic lava crystals.

    Once you can automate LP production (all you really need is a mob spawner and a decent sized altar) you can pretty much run your entire base off it.

    Alternatively, Rotarycraft generators are wicked. Enough mod progression to max out two rotational dynamos and you'll be set :)
  11. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Well, to be fair, I'd say the crazy power gen of Rotarycraft is end game, especially in the latest versions. But if you are going crazy power gen end game, there's no reason not to go reactorcraft. Even the HTGR, with the right setup, is capable of 131k+ RF/t.
  12. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    The only really good option is pulsing an Ender IO capacitor bank. Set it up with a power monitor and set the charge/discharge states to opposite. So it can only discharge when it's not receiving power. IE redstone signal coming in means the engines are on and it's only accepting but not outputting power. Redstone off means it's not accepting power but putting it out. The quarry will run, then stop while the cell charges, but you can get away without having Big Reactors.
  13. Tommerbob

    Tommerbob New Member

    Another option not mentioned yet is Advanced Generators by Bdew: https://bdew.net/generators/. They are free-form, multi-block generators that are highly customizable. Not on topic, but I would also highly recommend his Pressure Pipes mod, I'm surprised its not very popular, because its amazing.

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