How to add or change loot in Minecraft Roguelike Dungeons

Discussion in 'Modpack Creation' started by Tigerlore, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Tigerlore

    Tigerlore Active Member

    This was technically possible before, but you sure didn't see many people doing it. Check out the roguelike dungeons config in BnB and you'll see why. Eyamaz is one hard workin' dude!

    Greymerk has been slaving away on the code these last few weeks and now even a dummy like me can figure how to tweak the loot. This is such a great tool for pack authors I had to share it. Hopefully, it will inspire more adventure oriented packs. I'm working on one. ;)

  2. Mikhaila666

    Mikhaila666 Well-Known Member

    Nice. The dungeons are nice challenges, and this gives some flexibility in rewards.

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