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How do you power a rock crusher

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by unholywar23, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. unholywar23

    unholywar23 New Member

    I cant figure this out I tried to somehow use a steam tank connected to a steam turbine to get the power but then I have no Idea how to get that to the rock crusher
  2. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    The Railcraft rock crusher? Depending on what version you are playing that uses either RF or MJ. If the pack you are using has EnderIO, I suggesting using the power conduits from that.
  3. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    It would help to know which pack you are using. For MC 1.6.4 or earlier, you need mj, for the recent updates for 1.7.10, you need rf. I think the hobbiest's steam engine is added by railcraft & should work either way. The Railcraft turbine generates eu for IC2 stuff. I like to put EnderIO photovoltaic cells on mine.
  4. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja New Member

    The RC Steam Turbine makes IC2 EU power only. To convert steam into power for the Rock Crusher, you should use the Hobbyist's, Commercial, or Industrial Steam Engines in Railcraft.

    Depending upon our RC version, this could be MJ or RF power. Older versions used MJ. Newer versions use RF. However, RC has always been consistent with either MJ or RF. So, no problems using Railcraft's own MJ/RF producers (the Steam Engines).

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