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How do you create a stable Mystcraft world?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by ATJ, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. ATJ

    ATJ Member

    Is there a guide somewhere on how to do it? I am basically wanting a normal vanilla world but eternal day and no weather. I'm not bothered about anything else as I already have separate dense ores & crystals worlds. Every time I create one it adds on extra stuff and makes the world unstable.

    Eg. I choose autumn woods, meadow, medium biomes, standard lighting, normal sky colour, villages, standard terrain, eternal day and no weather. But I have mining fatigue and it's added mountain taiga, white fog and blue fog.

    I chose another : autumn woods, meadow, small biomes, standard lighting, normal sky colour, villages, standard terrain, eternal day and no weather, but I had random lightning strikes all the time and it added plains, green sunset, black sunset and strongholds.:mad:

    Anyway know what the craic is? I just want an eternal day world with no weather and no instability. Mystcraft wiki is useless.
  2. lukasni

    lukasni Active Member

    After writing a few Ages that turn out to have instability you should be able to figure out the necessary symbols by checking what symbols got added to your failed worlds.

    If you want a "vanilla" eternal day world, use the native biome controller wit NO biome symbols at all. Add your symbols for time, weather, brightness, all the atmospheric information like sky colour and fog. You can also add any extra features like villages, strongholds or lakes. That way, you should get a stable age.

    I think the problem you were having was, that the biome sizes controllers like Medium Biomes require a minimum of 3 distinct biome symbols. The atmospheric information might also be mandatory, although I'm not too sure about that.
  3. Kocyk

    Kocyk Well-Known Member

    You could write second book basically copying all symbols (with those randomly generated). This should in theory give you stable age.

    For most biome controllers you need 3 biomes, so if you add 2 last one is added randomly and adds instability. The same thing with symbols from other tabs.
    Tabs like lightning, time need only one symbol. If you add more it ignoires all but one and adds instability.
  4. Hydra

    Hydra Popular Member

    The more 'normale' your world is the less instability it will add. Also; you should always give enough icons. For example; for normal biomes you should select atleast 4 biomes. If you only put in 3 and a 4th gets added that adds instability too.
  5. ATJ

    ATJ Member

    I already have nearly 100 randomly generated worlds in my notebook already so have most (if not all) of the symbols.

    OK, so I created one with no biome set, but set mediums biomes for the controller, and then std lighting, normal sky, normal fog, villages, dungeons, std terrain, eternal day, no weather. I got poison effect and had ghasts and pigmen wandering about..

    Then I tried another new one setting 4 biomes, no biome controller, and then the rest of the line above and got poison effect and small biomes added.

    And a 3rd one : 3 biomes, no biome controller, std lighting, normal sky, normal fog, lakes, dungeons, villages, std terrain, eternal day, no weather. It gave me slowness, added medium biomes, chromatic sky colour and a 2nd normal sky colour symbol. :mad:

    So it seems to be impossible to create a stable world then?
  6. Chrono

    Chrono Active Member

    You have to give both a biome set and a biome controler
  7. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    For biome sizes (medium/small ect) you need 3 or more biome types, but they can repeat, so if you use 2x meadow and autumn forest you'll be fine.
    (Here's mine, 2x meadow, green swamp, redwood, extreme jungle and 5x ocean on medium biomes).

    Native biome option doesn't use any biome type symbols, it generate following your biome config settings.

    The symbols for fog/sky ect can be stacked in any number/combination- you still need at least one of each or Myst will fill it in with a chance of instability.

    Option symbols are terrain features and misc options like charged. (Generally if a world makes sense without an option, its optional)

    ...and even if you do it right, Myst might add a few extra symbols for fog/sky/terrain ect without causing instability. Generally its best to hit each sky symbol about 5-10 times, and add cave/water lakes to avoid something more visible.

    (so I has 10x black sky, 10x blue fog, 10x any sunset, 5x blue cloud 5x black cloud, eternal night, no weather, 3x caves, 3x ravines.)

    Last time I checked, you could combine cave world and skylands (which is awesome!), at the cost of about 10 unstable ages before it worked.
  8. Chrono

    Chrono Active Member

    single biome = you HAVE to give one biome
    3 biomes = you HAVE to give 3 biomes... etc
  9. ATJ

    ATJ Member

    Right I'll try that. Lukasni said don't set any biome that's why I was attempting it like that (which didn't work). By the way what does "charged" do? Is it an unstable option like dense ore?
  10. Chrono

    Chrono Active Member

    It is an instability, charging creepers up ... you can use it to try to replace other instabilities on unstable worlds.
  11. lukasni

    lukasni Active Member

    Sorry if that wasn't clear, it's only when using the Native Biome Controller that you shouldn't use any biome symbols. All ither biome controllers need at least one biome symbol, depending on the controller you're using.
  12. ATJ

    ATJ Member

    Thanks guys. The trick of selecting many different biomes and/or several of the same one seems to do the trick. :)
  13. Abdiel

    Abdiel Well-Known Member

    For a stable world, you need to have:

    Exactly one biome controller.
    A number of biomes corresponding to the chosen controller. (Single = exactly one. Checkerboard = exactly two. Large/Medium/Small/etc. = at least three. Standard Controller = no biomes selected.)
    Exactly one world generation (Standard, Cave World, Void, ...)
    Exactly one of each of the following: Weather, Time, Lighting.
    At least one of each of the following: Sky Color, Sunset Color, Cloud Color, Fog Color.

    "Exactly one" means exactly one. Giving zero, two, or more will cause instability.
    Terrain features have no effect on stability, although the generator will occasionally add some on its own. These added features alone don't cause instability.
    Writing certain symbols will always cause instability, no matter what. These include Dense Ores, Accelerated, Charged, etc.
  14. YX33A

    YX33A Over-Achiever

    Actually, charged increases effective tick rate. Lightning is a type of instability, and a rather tame one at that. If you don't mind suffering a bit, you can add a charged symbol to a age to make some things go faster, such as growth of crops(as they rely on random updates which happen each tick, so more ticks per second means faster food growth), but not most mod based speeds(unless something relies on the same system which makes crops grow, it won't go faster). Keep in mind, Decay of all kinds relies on said ticks.

    However, Charged is a unstable symbol, so adding it adds instability.

    Basically, a stable age is made by correctly selection all vital logic symbols, adding the correct amount of biome symbols, and adding enough stable symbols that no extra symbols get added.
    I recall that one can add instability symbols to make a age more stable(instead of it being dangerous because it's randomly added, it's safer because you added it yourself. Dangerous to the stability of a age, that is. It might kill you anyway). It takes some luck, and knowledge of the mod, to make a stable age. Unlike in the earlier versions where there was only Black Decay for instability, it's actually hard to make a fully stable age. But most are stable enough for many uses.
    Just don't try to stack dense ores to high heaven, and you usually avoid the worst forms of instability.
  15. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering Active Member

    Actually Accelerated is the one that increases the tick rate. Charged just adds random lightning, which for people who use lightning rods: It doesn't increase the chance of a lightning rod working.
  16. YX33A

    YX33A Over-Achiever

    I keep getting those mixed up. In any case if the Mystcraft Dev(s?) listened when it was first brought up, one can use Lightning Rods in a Storm Age. Or even one with lighting strikes. But I don't know if xComp added the needed change, so this might be a somewhat pointless post.

    But it was brought up with xComp back when GregTech was in it's Inception, so there has been some time for that to be added.
  17. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering Active Member

    Ehh a few days ago on the Gregtech forum he posted the code for how the lightning rod decides the strike chance. It is just determined by rain and storm. Apparently if the rod is large enough even rain has a chance of causing a strike, though I think it was 100 times lower than when storming. Eternal Storm age is all that really helps it along.
  18. YX33A

    YX33A Over-Achiever

    If the charged ages set the isThundering Flag like it was suggested to xComp, one doesn't need a actual storm world, if I remember correctly(long time ago this was suggested).

    If this is the case, then charged worlds are both "stable enough" and have benefits for those using GregTech.(speaking of GregTech, there was a GregTech update recently which has Magic Generators, literally. Creating EU from magical stuff. My current goal is to install the Twilight Forest mod and find a uncrafting table to uncraft a portal gun, which I have, to get a netherstar without fighting the Wither. That or install another mod which can get me a Nether Star, which I need to craft said Magic Generator)
  19. ATJ

    ATJ Member

    Thanks, that works, although there is no such option to set cloud colour, only sky, sunset and fog.

    Are any of the flat land biomes at Y64 ? I created a flat land plains biome for quarrying but the Y is at 89 which means 25 levels of nothing but crap until it gets started. I noticed that mushroom biome flat lands are Y128..

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