How do I play?

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Aug 21, 2012
I have the feeling you are still on the sandstone ship.

Read the rules, stand in the hole, and hit the button.

Now you've started the game for real.

If you look towards that huge, dark, evil monument.... the rewards are taken by that. That black thing, is the beast.

Inside the main room of the beast, with the throne of knowledge, look at the floor. There is a transposer, in the floor in there. Anything thrown on the ground near it will be sucked in. If the correct items are thrown into it, you get the reward.

"what reward" "where" "what items"

That, is elsewhere on the monument.

The main room contains hints. Each of those hints is above a light, that light is turned off. Look at the ground, see the pyramid of lights? Match the light to the pyramid, and on the outside there will be a tunnel in that place, about.

The tunnel on the pyramid with the clue, will also list the items (9 on insane), as well as being the place you pick up the reward. The reward is ready when the lights turn on.

On easy, the "clue" is the actual item you need.