How do I allow more then 1 home to be set.

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by romrider07, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. romrider07

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    Title How do I allow more then 1 home to be set.

    Launcher Type Curse App

    Modpack FTB Beyond

    Modpack version Current

    Have you modified the pack? No

    Link to log file

    Details of the issue I am trying to allow more then 1 /sethome but I cannot figure out how on my server. I don't have anything extra installed it's all fresh install. Does anyone know where/how to fix this?
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  2. CDArena

    CDArena Guest

    Not sure about servers, but in single player:

    /sethome - saves a spawnpoint default-named "home"
    /home - teleports you to the default "home"

    /sethome {some name or number} - saves a spawnpoint with the given name/number
    /home {some number or name} - teleports you to the given name/number

    /home list - shows a list of spawnpoint names

    Are you talking about having issues sharing the points between players? I'm not sure how (or if) that works, but it it does work, make sure each players uses different names. (Unless the mod author has some way to specify a player - "/home list (playername)" does appear to be valid, but for all I know it simply ignores anything after the word "list")
  3. CDArena

    CDArena Guest

    Personally, I use Journeymap waypoints and the Teleport buttons...
  4. mc.crab

    mc.crab Well-Known Member

    You need to edit the FTBU ranks.json, by default I think it only allows players to use one home.

      "default_ranks": {
        "player": "player",
        "op": "op"
      "ranks": {
        "player": {
          "parent": "builtin_player",
          "permissions": [],
          "config": {
            "": 100,
            "ftbu.chunkloader.max_chunks": 100,
            "": 10,
            "ftbu.chunkloader.offline_timer": -1.0
        "op": {
          "parent": "builtin_op",
          "syntax": "<&2$name&r> ",
          "permissions": [],
          "config": {
            "": 1000,
            "ftbu.chunkloader.max_chunks": 1000,
            "": 100,
            "ftbu.chunkloader.offline_timer": -1.0

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