How are Block-Ids determined in 1.10+?

Discussion in 'Mod Development' started by WowMuchName, Apr 11, 2017.

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    I'm trying to patch a shader to apply "waves" to other liquids than vanilla water. By digging around in the code I found that the shader is supplied with the numeric block-id and decides according to that whether the block is water or not. So I guess defining other Ids as well will apply the water-shader to those types of blocks too.

    Im not really deep into modding for minecraft, but heard that after 1.7+ the way Ids are handled changed.

    1. Can I get the Id of a modded block outside the game? Is it a hashCode over the name or something?
    2. If I find out the Id of a modded block and put its value in the shader, will the same block have the same id in another mod-pack?
  2. for question one part one, im not sure. for part two i THINK it's mod:item, but it may not be for your purposes
    for question two, IF the thing i said above is true, then it would be the same in another modpack.
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    The mapping of the string id to the numeric id should be in the meta data of the world save,

    most likely not, I believe that the mapping is filled based on the order the mods are loaded in the first time.

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