Open Hostile mobs not spawning in mobfarm or any player-made structure

Discussion in 'FTB Beyond' started by Corrupted_Samus, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Summary of the problem Hostile mobs not spawning in mobfarm or any player-made structure

    Pack Version 1.0.1

    What is the bug? Hostile mobs do not spawn in any player-made structure. No matter where the mobfarm is created or what it's made of. Tested this in both creative and survival. No hostile mobs spawn despite there being adequate space, darkness and spawning material. None of the farms were built in a mooshroom biome.

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    Is it repeatable? Yes. Load a world in creative or survival. Build a simple dark room for spawning mobs, move at least 25 blocks away and observe as nothing spawns.

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  2. Henry Link

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    I'm not sure I get the issue here. In Beyond they should be spawning everywhere there is terrain. And a platform or room you build might get some to spawn in it, but more likely they are spawning on the surface and in caves. So the chances are low that they would spawn in your created room unless you force it by using a spawner of some type.
  3. I realize that they can spawn elsewhere such as in caves and such, but the problem is that even when I take that out of the equation (building a spawning box high enough above the ground so that they HAVE to spawn in the box) still, nothing spawns. I had built the first box over an ocean about 150 blocks in the air and nothing at all spawned in it. I was in the middle of the ocean and there wasn't any land for at least 150 blocks in any direction. Mobs still spawn on normal terrain fine, but anything I build they refuse to spawn on.
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  4. GamerwithnoGame

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    Its worth bearing in mind that because chunks are from ceiling to bedrock, it doesn't matter how high up the box is (except for mobs that spawn at certain y-levels, if there are any). Your player distance DOES work vertically, so assuming you've built it high up and then you are 24 or more blocks below it, the room becomes eligible. BUT: Even if you're in an ocean biome, there could be caves under the ground underneath that ocean floor, where mobs will spawn. If a chunk was cleared of valid spawning locations, right down to bedrock, then a darkroom should work - at least by my understanding of the mob spawning rules - this might be informative: Spawn.
  5. I see my flaw there. To see if I was just being a derp and not taking into effect that they could just simply be spawning below me without my knowing, I loaded up a superflat world and built another basic box. Stepped the appropriate distance away, waited a few minutes and strangely, still nothing. To my knowledge, I don't believe superflats spawn with caves, ravines, or mineshafts so that problem is out of the way. Am I overlooking something? Also, it wouldn't let me add this to the OP (says it was spam) but I've added 3 mods to the pack that it didn't come with: Tiny Progressions, VeinMiner and Optifine but I don't believe these mess with spawns. I've been wrong before though.
  6. GamerwithnoGame

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    Now that IS odd! I've got nothing I'm afraid :( have you any pictures of your setup? Just in case there's anything we're missing.
  7. I tore the setup down in my survival world, but I did get some screenshots of the example I made in the creative superflat world. The close up is the before and the farther away shot is the after. I waited 2 whole minutes at around 29 blocks away and nothing.[​IMG]

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  8. GamerwithnoGame

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    How bizarre! :( Dark glass SHOULD work, too! You haven't got it as the floor either. Have you tried it with Dark Glass walls and a cobble floor and ceiling? It shouldn't make a difference, but I'm wracking my brain to think of what else to try!
  9. Sadly, that's a no-go too :(. This is the first pack I've had problems with weirdly enough. Usually I just set up a farm, let it go, and then that's it -_-"
  10. GamerwithnoGame

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    Damn :( Yeah, I can't see any good reason why it isn't working!
  11. BrickVoid

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    Have you checked the following derp-ups:

    Is game mode set to "normal"? Peaceful mode won't spawn anything other than passive mobs!

    Is this in multiplayer? Some multiplayer servers might limit the amount of mobs you'd be allowed to generate, hostile or otherwise.

    Is this mob farm in a different dimension? I know, you say it's in a normal location, but if you look at the dimension you're currently in, and it's not Overworld, there's a possibility you would not get any spawns of anything.

    Have you tried cheating in Cursed Earth from RWTema's Extrautils mod? Mobs should absolutely spawn on Cursed Earth, (even if they are different to normal mobs) in 1.10 it's now a dark grayish black color, it's not the purple color it used to be in previous Minecraft versions.

    If mobs don't spawn on Cursed Earth, it means you need to remove any mods you added yourself and try again with only the mods in the modpack. If it's repeatable without any added mods installed, then please report back your findings here.

    Cheers ...


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