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Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Pernese, May 4, 2014.

  1. Pernese

    Pernese New Member

    Hello! Me and my girlfriend usually play FTB together via a single player game set up for LAN. This works perfectly over my local network, however recently we've wanted to be able to play over a server so she can play when I'm not on and be able to log in away from the apartment. My computer is almost always on, so instead of buying a server from a third party I wanted to set up a local server and just port forward Minecraft.

    At this point, I've created the server on my computer. I run it through a batch file configured like this:

    java -Xms2048M -Xmx2048m -XX:permSize=128m -jar ftbserver.jar nogui

    There is no IP address assigned, I connect through localhost and she connects through

    I can play on the server on my client on the same computer no problem. I can also see the server from her laptop, which is sitting on her mini-desk three feet away from me. However, here is my issue: Her ping to connect to the server 2 feet from her laptop is 1039 ms! When she connects it is very laggy for her, not rubberbanding but definitely with a 1 second lag.

    I then tried creating the server through Hamachi. Again, both computers can see the server. I have 68ms ping to it, but her laptop has 1068ms ping. It's not unplayable, but it's frustrating and we're just going back to the LAN method until I get it fixed. It's doubly frustrating being that the LAN works just fine, too.

    How can I fix this? We have yet to try to connect anywhere except my apartment.

    Thanks for any assistance!
  2. Connor Gavitt

    Connor Gavitt New Member

    1. Don't use hamachi

    2. What modpack is this and are you using mcpc?

    3. Can you provide your server.log and forge-0.log on pastebin as there is probably something in game causing the server to lag.

    4. Do you have a firewall?
  3. Pernese

    Pernese New Member

    I have run the server with and without Hamachi. I would prefer to just use my external IP, Hamachi was just a test to see if I could make the huge latency go away.

    I am using FTB Unleashed v1.1.7, I am not using MCPC.

    I think these are the right logs. I apologize for my limited technical knowledge.

    ForgeModLoader-server-0 (2 parts)

    Server log

    I just use the basic Windows Firewall. The latency is the same if it's enable or disabled.
  4. Pernese

    Pernese New Member

    I set up a basic Minecraft server running the exact same way, and her laptop gets 4ms ping to connect. I set up a Tekkit server to run the same way, and her laptop gets 1200ms ping. This is with no one logged into the server.
  5. Connor Gavitt

    Connor Gavitt New Member

    Do you have a world named candy land? It seems you may have a memory leak.

    Also try disabling MFFS or modular force fields mod by adding a .disabled after the jar so mod.jar.disabled
  6. Pernese

    Pernese New Member

    Disabled MFFS, same problem. She is taking the laptop to work, so we can see if it's just a problem connecting locally. Also to make sure she can connect from work.

    Why would her machine have such high latency and mine have none when we are running the server from my machine? Wouldn't it affect both equally? I even reinstalled the FTB server so it would be a fresh check, and it does the same thing.

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