Hi everyone!

Le Jeanquaillant

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Jul 29, 2019
My name is Jean (that's prounounced, zhaa-n, /ʒã/). No, I'm not français; I actually come from Iraq, although I do live in the UK. I'm very fluent in English, but my mother tongue is Iraqi Arabic (I speak much better english than Standard Arabic tbh). I also speak French, not very fluently; I'm still learning. I also started learning Japanese a month ago; yeah I have a little passion for languages. I'm studying the A-levels in the next two years, crossing my fingers to get into a good university to major in physics. I really hope I didn't bore you.

OH about minecraft, since this is the FTB forum, I haven't really been playing much minecraft lately. I'm waiting for the 1.7 packs tbh (please don't kill me, I solemnly swear that I did not nor have I ever asked for ETAs, lol). I'm really looking forward to future modpacks, especially since Agrarian Skies was so good.

My hobbies would be: learning about languages, math, physics, and just learning in general; listening to music (pop, dance, dubstep, old pop); watching A LOT of TV shows (on my laptop of course; do people still watch real TV?), and cooking, I luh (J-Lo reference) cooking!

Did I do this right? I hope I didn't talk about myself too much. Sorry if I did...
Thanks for reading!