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Wanna change the way we play modded minceraft?

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Brother Jesus

So I've been playing modded since buildcraft first came out and industrialcraft was pretty much the best option for ore processing. Playing with automation mods made playing an already infinite game much more interesting. And as new versions of minecraft keep coming out, new mods pop up. Some claiming to give you more efficiency, others to give you more of a challenge (more crafting).

Something I've noticed lately in the FTB packs is that, they feel the same as back in 2012. Like they are mostly all based on the same fundamentals, there is nothing wrong with that. But I think the challenge that I used to love about these packs have been watered down by convenience. How do we fix it? We think outside the box. There is no denying that minecraft is a beautiful game, even with its blocky a$$ graphics. But instead of spending time appreciating the games beauty, we now spend most of our time looking at an inventory.

This brings me to the idea of physical work, and I don't mean literally. A mod for ore processing, but machines don't have an internal inventory. If you want to process Iron for example, place the iron ore on the face of the pulverizer that crushes it into a block of iron shavings which then can be moved to the furnace face via pistons, conveyor, claws, etc. After 9 blocks of iron shavings have been smelted, the furnace outputs a block of iron to be used in further block form crafting or processing. We can have fun with this one, I am not a modder myself, so I thought maybe we can gather some input from everyone and make it as a community.

Thank you for taking your time to read :)
P.S. I can make textures​
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Henry Link

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Dec 23, 2012
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Actually this sounds like something that has already been done with Immersive Engineering. Provided you don't use other mods for item transport. IE uses conveyor belts to move items between machines and do the ore processing that way. Between that and their multiblock structures you need to really think things out with a pure IE setup.
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Jan 2, 2013
The Netherlands
Many mods that already do what you are asking. Botania is famous for not having any GUI windows what so ever. Embers doesn't have any ether.