HermitPack unable to add friends via team gui

Discussion in 'FTB Presents HermitPack 1.10.2' started by gadget03, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. gadget03

    gadget03 Guest

    Title HermitPack unable to add friends via team gui

    Launcher Type FTB Launcher

    Modpack HermitPack

    Modpack version 1..01

    Have you modified the pack? No

    Link to log file

    Details of the issue When you open the Team Gui to add friends it's blank even when there are multiple people on the server.
  2. gadget03

    gadget03 Guest

    nobody else having this issue?

    PSILON Guest

    I got the same issue
  4. VelkenT

    VelkenT Guest

    use /ftb team invite <player name>
  5. Sukieboy

    Sukieboy Guest

    Hi I tried the /ftb team invite <player name> they get the invite ok but when they /ftb team join <teamname> they get a message saying there not a member of this team is there something I'm
    doing wrong or maybe i gotta enable something?
  6. VelkenT

    VelkenT Guest

    Read this, it's a bug, use the command as it is told: https://github.com/LatvianModder/FTBUtilities/issues/236

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