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Discussion in 'Modpack Creation' started by Golrith, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Golrith

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    I've got an approved modpack, but should really produce a server pack version, but I have no idea what is needed in addition to the mods/configs/scripts.

    There is nothing in the guidelines about it.

    Can anyone help?
  2. Jake_Evans

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    The only thing you need in there is what is needed to run a server. The zip is downloaded 'as-is', we don't provide any startup scripts or anything; just what you give us in the zip upon submitting it. Feel free to include a README or something in there too.
  3. Yulife

    Yulife New Member

    I feel you friend, I was SO confused at first as well. Here is the procedure I do when I make a server version of Wanderlust Reloaded:

    #1 Make a folder, put the client version in there

    #2 Copy the client version and call it "server"

    #3 Go in the "mods" folder and remove client mods that may cause problems (Don't be confused, some "client" mods are required/nifty on a server like WAILA, NEI or Ping)

    #4 Add server mods (For example Morpheus) and remove the server mods from the client version (Morpheus, once again). These "server" mods are very rare and are only for server use. Morpheus, as an example, can only be used by a server as, logically, you cannot use it in a singleplayer world. Here are the client mods that need to be removed for my pack and the server mods for my pack.

    #5 Adjust the specific configs to a server (I don't do it, you could do it for backup mods or something similar)

    #6 (Optional) Pack your optional mods in a folder called "optional_mods" and make sure they are NOT ".jar_disabled" as it is a pain, in comparison to us client users, to enable them. It is even harder if optional mods are in the general mods folder, disabled. This is a massive time saver for server owners. Wanderlust Reloaded has a README.txt in it as well with an installation explanation, feel free to copy-paste and adjust it to your pack.

    #7 Once the mods folder is done, move to the main "minecraft" folder.

    #8 Go to the Forge website and download "Installer" for the Forge version your pack update is using. This is very crucial. Put it in the "minecraft" folder, activate it and "Extract Server" into the "minecraft" folder you are working in. This will make a few files, for examples, libraries in there that are crucial for a server. Once it finished extracting (it will show a message), delete the installer from the folder.

    #9 Download a server version of a random pack and copy-paste both types of "ServerStart" (.bat/.sh) into the "minecraft" folder and make sure the PermGen is set to 256 as well as putting the Forge version in there. Here is an example:
    java -Xms2048m -Xmx4096m -XX:permSize=256m -jar forge-1.7.10- nogui
    If you are using the latest Forge, namely 1264, simply change the number to it like this:
    java -Xms2048m -Xmx4096m -XX:permSize=256m -jar forge-1.7.10- nogui
    VERY important. I am talking out of experience, derped a few times there... *whistles*

    #10 Once every one of these steps is done, check everything before you pack up. VERY important, once again. Derping requires a full re-upload and WILL create complaints.

    #11 As you take a breath of relieve going through all of those steps, select all the files in the "minecraft" folder and .zip everything (ZIP IT, don't use .rar, this is important! Once again, this has been one of the many derps of mine!!) and give it a logical name.

    #12 Upload and submit

    #13 Wait for update

    #14 ???

    #15 Get ready for a wave of issues

    #16 Move on and fix bugs ^~^

    Hope this helps you ~ Your Tabula Rasa guide was REALLY helpful for me so I guess we are fair now ;) Good luck with your pack ~
  4. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Thank you @Yulife that is exactly what I was after.
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  5. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Thanks again @Yulife, testing now. Took the DW20 server pack, stripped it to it's bare bones, then added in my mods and adjusted relevant files. All seems to be loading (although 10 minutes for server to load everything afresh - ouch)
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  6. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    Thanks so much @Yulife I totally derped my server upload and this helped a ton! Now to hotfix the sever version :/
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