Help with custom modpacks(total N00b)


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Aug 24, 2019
Hi so I run a private server for myself and a few friends. Right now we play FTB Ultimate Reloaded with a handful of mods to add a bit more spice. Currently I'm looking at installing tangoteks new villager mod tektopia on the server but it's getting to the point when I update it's easily 15 minutes of tech support per person. So looking into custom packs but when I did i was confused. It seems like I have to fill out a form and then send in the mods but the form errors and the attached video is dead.

Basically I'm at a loss.


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Jan 29, 2015
Its possible to put together a custom modpack yourself, I'm not sure what you mean by a form. Unless that's for publishing your pack?


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Jan 2, 2016
The form is to get the pack published on the old FTB launcher (which is no longer really used). It's probably easier to use the Twitch launcher export feature, which gives you a zip that your friends can then import using either Twitch or MultiMC. If you want, you could also publish the pack on Curseforge with said zip, though only do that if you have a good reason to do so. Tweaks to an existing pack may not be published, and getting it on there also requires a description of the pack and such.