Help Modding?

Zein Eizoku

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I am not sure if this is the right place or not to post this, please move it or delete it Moderators if you must. Just pm me telling me so and where it must go haha :) thank you.

Now to what I mean in the title. I really am just looking for a few development pointers. I have a flow and a style of my own. However I would like to learn more. Knowledge is power and to make my mod happen I need to learn more. So if anyone can point me to videos, how to's, or are modders willing to share their knowledge with me I would appreciate it.

Things I have done, I have been reading the forge wiki modding tutorial, I have watch the few videos Pahimar has posted, and I have also watched a few of ScratchForFuns videos (specifically multi block structures).

SFF has a Multi-Block code generator out. Has anyone used it, is anyone against using it, why if so. Etc etc.

Thank you ask so much for your time in reading and if you rely, you're awesome and deserve a Lama... because they are awesome <_<;

Zein out

~ apologies in advance for typos sent from my phone after just waking up on a Saturday ~